Meet Erin Klein

Erin Klein: My Visual CV

Currently working in education, with a business background, I value the importance of technology integration and global preparation into the learning environment.  Being an involved person, I streamline my creative teaching ideas into project-based applications that enhance the academic standards. 

My Master’s of Education focus is in curriculum and instruction.  I’ve researched best-practice teaching methodologies and traveled the state presenting to educators on how to create 21st century learning environments that will help shape the future of our practices in education. 

I take my background in teaching and program development and create ideas to infuse technology enhanced activities that directly correlate to our common core national standards so that teachers can automatically begin a new direction.  This idea brings in a research-rich educational experience coupled with highlights that today’s universities and global industry leaders look for in our graduates. 
"If we teach today as we taught yesterday, we rob our children of tomorrow." - John Dewy

Welcome to my Blog!  Take a peak into my Classroom where my Inspiration begins...  click here to visit my blog home page for my educational favorites!

Welcome to my Classroom

You can get fancy letters, too!

I picked mine up from Hobby Lobby for $10 each... but I bought them on sale.  I found a place online you could get designer letters, too.  Click here for the letter R, click here for E, click here for A, and click here for D.   These letters are $12 each and come in several colors/design patterns.

Here are letters I found for $6.99 each: (click on each letter to connect) R, E, A, D

I use a variety of shelves.  You can find 3 shelf bookcases here for $24 each.

 My book tubs are from Lakeshore Learning, too.  Click here to view the tubs.  I also bought the companion labels to perfectly fit inside of each tub.  I like that they have a matching genre/topic label for the side and the front of each tub.  This way, you can arrange them on the shelf as you'd like.  I purchased the bench/storage from Target for $59. 

I love the clear, magnetic storage holders from Lakeshore Learning.  I often put picture books or papers inside each pocket for students to easily access.  They're great for "when I'm done" enrichment activities, too!  You can click here to get your own.  They come in a set of four for $12.95. 

I use clear library pockets for my Job Helpers bulletin board.  This way, it is easy for me to rotate the popcicle sticks when student jobs change.  I use fabric to cover all of my bulletin boards.  I also use walpaper border to add a decorative element to the larger boards.  I refrain from using glossy borders or images since they typically create a glare.  I also do not laminate a lot of the posters and charts I use for this same reason. 

I try to keep everything at eye level for the students.  Additionally, I try to stick with a color scheme that is not distracting.  I believe that a brain-friendly environment is important to enhance each learner's potential.  My room has a home feel so that students feel comfortable as soon as they enter.  I avoid the flourscent lighting.  Instead, I use the natural light.  When it is darker outside, I have several lamps around the room that we use.  Our room is not bright but rather has a relaxing and natural color. 

The aesthetics help to set the tone for our learning environment.