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Interactive Language Arts Practice From @IXLLearning for Grades 2-6

Online Language Arts Support for Grades 2-6

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I've been using IXL Math for the past year with my own two children, Jacob (6) and Riley (9).  As a parent, I love how organized the site is to use.  As a user both in the classroom and at home, I am very excited to have recently found that the ground-breaking technology that makes IXL the most widely-used math practice program has expanded to include English language arts.  As students' abilities in grammar and vocabulary grow, ICL matches question difficulty so they are challenged to learn more.  Whether they're selecting sentence subjects, editing verb tenses, or any other 2nd-6th grade language arts skill, students end up at mastery.  You can click here to see how great it is!

When IXL contacted me about being a sponsor, I couldn't be more excited.  I had used their site in the past as a teacher and loved it.  Because I believed in their product, I agreed to partner with them.  I receive several emails a day for sponsor requests, but I have to be very selective with who I decide to partner with for Kleinspiration.  I must stay true to my readers and only share quality resources that I stand behind.  Though I share many resources on my blog, I only honor long-standing partnerships with companies that I feel great about.  I believe that is why my long-standing partnerships continue to grow into trusting relationships.  Because I hand-pick my sponsors, I fully support them in the fullest.  I've met with most of them in person, had dinner with them, traveled across the country to visit them, used them with my own children and in my classroom, and I continue chat with them all of the time.  My sponsors truly are my friends.  I only endorse companies I firmly believe in for education.

My Kids Love to Practice & Earn Virtual Awards

Both the language arts and math programs within IXL provide students with an easy to understand operating system that allows them to easily navigate to a topic and provide their answers.

As my children practice more, they receive more treasures to discover in IXL.  You should see Jacob's face light up when he's earned a new award.  Though I am a firm believer in intrinsic motivation, there is something that my kids enjoy about these virtual awards.  They view them as goodies within their 'game.'  It reminds me of when they go to the Mushroom House on Mario to gain items for their characters.  They go crazy over these little treasures.

I Can See Exactly What My Kids Need

Signing into my parent account allows me to see a number of items related specifically to my child.  I can see how long they've practiced, where they excel, and where they need additional support.  The reports are beautiful, easy to read, and offer so much insight into my child's learning.

Know What You Need & Master the Skills

Because IXL identifies the "Trouble Spots" in your child's learning, you can target those areas so your child can grow.  I love that I can look in my kids' reports and determine what areas they should continue working on in the program.  The best part is that I don't have to determine this by myself.  The reports automatically identify the skills my children need.  This way, we can click on those specific target areas and allow for more practice.  I've found that my kids do not mind the additional practice because the more they work on a specific skill, the easier the questions become.  Initially, they were frustrated but that is because the questions were challenging - hence why they needed the additional support.  Plus, the more they have success with the program, the more virtual awards they earn.  They love this part!

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