Sunday, January 19, 2014

Use @BoomWriter_ to Inspire Creative Writing in Your Class!

BoomWriter: Collaborative Storytelling for Classrooms

This Spring I will work with my students to create a collaborative story via BoomWriter.  I am excited to go through the process since I have heard fabulous remarks about this site.  I have several friends who have used it with their students, so I am really looking forward to trying it out.  

I recently partnered with BoomWriter to do a series of posts and share my student's process throughout the year.  This way, for those interested, you can see exactly how our class went through the publishing process together.  

In second grade, we follow the writing workshop model.  Additionally, we have certain genres of writing we will focus on throughout the year: personal narrative (small moments), persuasive writing (reviews), and non-fiction (animal reports).  I really love our units of study; however, one thing is clearly missing: creative writing.  

Throughout the years, I've supplemented activities to give the kids a creative opportunity to write.  We've done fun stories around the holidays.  Our class has also collaborated with other classrooms to create stories together on sites such as Storybird.  However, I've never had the students independently write a creative story and then submit their work online.  This will be a new adventure for all of us.

Here Is How It Works

As my class starts working on their story, I will take photos and jot notes about the process to share with you in future blog posts.  I look forward to seeing the children's work online.  I know they will appreciate seeing their work shared with their friends.  I'm even more excited about getting copies of the book delivered to our students.  This will be a real treat!  Individuals can purchase copies of the collaborative books from the site's bookstore.  I love that feature of BoomWriter.

Find Out More and Get Started

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