Wednesday, November 6, 2013

BookWriter: Turn your Digital Storytelling into Printable Books!

Book Writer: Innovative app to make multimedia books

What it is? Book Writer ($3.99) is an educational iOS app designed for the iPad/iPhone for creating multimedia digital books.

This is a fantastically simple app to use for students that has them creating dynamic digital books by the tap of a button. A user can add video, images, music, and even record their own voice to narrate a book.

This is great for teachers that want to reinforce Reading skills as well spark their creativity. Also, Book Writer helps develops student’s 21st Century skills and ideal for Digital Storytelling. Educators can use this Mobile Learning tool to teach any grade level for any subject. Finally, once a book is finished it can be exported into iBooks or shared via iTunes or email. Also, books can be turned into PDF’s for printing/sharing purposes.

What a great way to document student learning.  Children can take photos on a field trip, add text to demonstrate their learning, and annotate their voice to pages to bring learning alive in real time.  Imagine returning from a trip and reflecting on the experience with the stories created via BookWriter!  Forget the clipboards and papers for note taking.  Capture images, record video segments, add text notes, and record your thinking to publish your learning and share it with others.

Imagine a bookshelf filled with stories your class created!  What a creative way to build a child's learning portfolio... let the children tell their story, visually - with an authentic audience!

I highly recommend checking out Book Writer!  Be sure to  download Book Writer in the App Store to start creating today!

Download the BookWriter App and Start Creating


  1. This app is very popular in my school at the moment. Our Reading Recovery teachers are using it to create original books with their students that are personalized, high interest, and "just right" for them. Our ELL teachers are using them for the same reasons, but they record themselves reading the book and can hear their own progress. I saw one today that was the students making faces to show emotions. It was hilarious! The students -- one who speaks only French and the other only Chinese -- are so proud!

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