Saturday, September 7, 2013

An App to Assess Reading Fluency: @FluencyFinder!

FluencyFinder V. 2.0

FluencyFinder the popular educational iOS app for determining Reading Fluency has just recently released their long awaited update.  

What is FluencyFinder?  FluencyFinder is a fantastically simple teaching tool for educators wanting to assess student’s Reading Level (Grades 1st-8th).  This is done by printing out a Reading passage (6 per grade level w/ more on the way) and then having the student read while following along on an iOS device (iPad/iPhone).  The teacher will begin the assessment by starting the app timer and then tap (+) or (-) as a student makes or corrects a mistake.  When the student is finished the teacher will end the timer and then press the finish assessment button to get instant real-time results.  These detailed results will include WPM, word counts, number of mistakes and more.

This was the old FluencyFinder and a tool that educators & parents were using around the world including ESL/Spec Ed, to assess their student’s Reading Level.  However, FF Version 2.0 has just improved upon and already great product.

FluencyFinder Version 2.0 – This new update to FF now allows for an educator to share a student’s fluency reports by a tap of a button.  This is ideal for educators who want to share a report w/ a parent or other educator who may share the same student.

Also, and one of the most handy features of the new update is the addition of  Comprehension questions added to the end of each Reading passage.  This is very useful for educators wanting to not only gauge a student’s Reading Fluency but their Comprehension of a passage as well.

Finally, FluencyFinder is in the process of adding a “snapshot” of all their Reading passages that will make it easy to compare passages on one page, as well as updating their Reading passages including literary classics.

Coming Soon – FlunecyFinder for Android

For more information on FluencyFinder click here!

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