Saturday, July 20, 2013

TONS of Classroom Design Ideas for Setting Up Your Cozy Learning Space!

Thinking About ReDesigning Your Space This Summer?

- 3 rich resources for all of your design needs - 

The layout and design of any space can impact the mood and productivity for the individuals intended to use the area. Prior to becoming a teacher, I studied interior design at Michigan State University for three years. I have come to learn how critical ergonomics and aesthetics can be when designing a space, especially for children. For those interested in reading more about how the brain relates to design in the field of education, I recommend checking out the work of Susan Kovalik at The Center for Effective Learning.
When I thought about my own classroom space, I went to sit in one of my student’s desks. Though I’m larger than the average second-grader, it was soon easy for me to realize how the furniture and layout did not lend itself for collaboration and comfort. I wanted my students to gather on the carpet, sit in nooks and work with one another. I had a vision of children using the space freely, as needed, to do meaningful work with one another. However, I had not given them a proper space to facilitate these sorts of activities. Instead, the over-sized, cold and hard desks were taking over every square foot of my room. This furniture was chunky. Even though I had the desks in groups to encourage discussion, they were still so far from one another just due to the sheer size of the table tops. When children tried to turn eye to eye and knee to knee to work with a partner, they were separated by the massive, steel desk compartments. Why can’t my classroom look like a creative play space in a museum or the children’s section of a Barnes and Noble?

Resource I: My SmartBlog on Education Post
click here

Please click here to read the rest of my guest post on the Smart Blog for Education.

Peak Inside Over 80 Beautiful Classrooms
Resource II: School Supply Addict

Ashley over at the School Supply Addict has put together an amazing collection of teacher's classrooms.  This is, by far, my favorite go-to-spot when peaking inside of other's rooms to get ideas to bring into my own space.  I love the classes she has featured.  I'm always impressed by the creativity teachers possess.  You all truly have a gift for making the most of your spaces.  I recommend you click here and check out the 80+ rooms she highlights in a very organized way.  Her site is AMAZING!  You will be impressed for sure.  

You can also click here to see my classroom from last year.  I share several photos showing the room as I was putting it together.  This year will be much different.  :)  I'm excited to share that post later this summer... stay tuned!

Resource III: Schoolgirl Style by Melanie

I also put together a fabulous give-away with Melanie (yes, she's ALSO in Michigan!) from Schoolgirl Style last year.  Though the give-away has ended, you can still see Melanie's beautiful designs by clicking on the button above for more design ideas.  You can snag any of her designs to purchase from her site, too.  I have all of her links directly attached to each image on my post (click here).  
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