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Why I Love @TenMarks Education | Reverse Summer Math Learning Loss Grades 1-10

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Summer is right around the corner, and like many other parents, I've been spending a lot of time figuring out vacation schedules, camps, sports, and many other fun activities for the kiddies this summer.  While I'm planning the fun stuff, I'm also looking for programs that will help prevent my children from falling victim to summer learning loss, while also being engaging and fun for them. 

Luckily our friends at TenMarks have a great summer math program that is proven to help prevent summer learning loss in math, while still being engaging and interactive for students.  It's individualized for every student, based on a diagnostic assessment and is proven to work - 82% of students who used the program showed an “increase” in scores, vs. the expected decline.

In order to prevent summer learning loss, TenMarks is proposing a simple schedule of 3 days per week, 20 minutes per day.  Sounds a lot like working out, and the results are very similar.  Just like working out, if you stick to a plan and actually do it, you'll see results.  Here is a pretty incredible stat I recently learned.  A whopping 96% of families that used the summer program last year would recommend it to a friend.  96%!  That's amazing!

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TenMarks is used by 1.5 million students in over 70,000 classrooms in all 50 states!  Impressive.  I started using TenMarks about a year ago.  My husband actually found the site by searching for support for our daughter, Riley.  I also noticed a few other respected bloggers featuring the site during this same time.  After checking the site out and using it for a while, I began sharing the advantages of this tool with my readers.  TenMarks and I have since become partners to spread the word of their product.  I'm so happy to have them help to sponsor Kleinspiration.  As I've stated numerous times before, I don't allow companies to become sponsors of this site until I've used their product and determined that it fits with my teaching style and what I believe my readers may enjoy.
Most of all, I really appreciate how easy the site is to navigate.  I know there are many great sites out there to use, but if they are too challenging, I don't have time to figure them out.  I need the user interface to be simple and aesthetically pleasing - especially if my students will be using the resource.  Thankfully, TenMarks excels in both areas!

There are so many opportunities available on this site - I believe many parents will be happy they tried it out.  It doesn't take long to sign up, it's really easy to use, and the price to commit for the summer is far less than many families will spend on extra-curricular summer activities, sports, and other activities. 

When do you have time to use TenMarks?

I'm often asked by parents what more they can do at home to support their child.  I always recommend TenMarks.  The feedback I receive from parents is always positive.  They love that they can track their child's progress and see how they're doing.  Students love it because it's easy to use and doesn't take too long to complete.  You set the pace and the number of problems.  
In class, I have TenMarks available if a child finishes early.  They like to play on the computer and do the math problems.  It's fun to try and get them all correct.  They enjoy the automatic feedback.  

When I'm working with small groups, I can also have individuals or partnerships working with the computer while I'm with other learners.  I don't worry too much about the reports and data.  I just believe in exposing the kids to different ways to tackle concepts.  If they work collaboratively, I don't get bothered by reports in the student data section.  I'm more concerned with the learning than the data.  As long as they're immersed in math, I'm happy.  I'll be able to tell by daily formative assessments whether they're understanding the material.  However, when I know students are working independently on TenMarks, I do glance at their reports occasionally.  

My students also have a multi-media class.  They visit the lab for digital studies about once a week.  In addition to this time, I take them to the computer lab about once a week to work on various sites.  Though we work on the computer in class and on the iPads, it's nice to have a 1:1 environment where we are all working on devices at the same time.  We've been working on a few different sites like Biblionasium and ABCyaGames, and have recently introduced TenMarks to several students.

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Do you believe that every student can become proficient in math? At TenMarks, we believe! And we've made it our mission (and passion) to create an engaging and nurturing learning environment to ensure that every student is on the track to success. 

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Make sure to sign up by June 1 to enjoy the early bird discount!


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