Saturday, April 20, 2013

Using @Padlet in the Classroom to Collaborate & Create Interactive Sticky Notes!

Add your Content to the Web, 
Collaborate, and Share your Favorites

Padlet, formerly WallWisher, is a web space where you can add files, links, videos, and more.  You can create various walls to add your favorite content.  I developed the above wall to collect and share a few of my favorite technology resources.  People can also collaborate to continue adding to the same wall space.  Imagine the potential for classroom discussions!

How is Padlet different that other Web Tools?

Imagine having kids go up to a wall and sticking stuff to it.  Well, that is Padlet - but virtually!  While students can collaborate on Google Docs, Padlet tends to be a bit more visual in terms of a collaborative space.  Glogster has a similar look, but lacks the real time collaborative features that Padlet offers.  

What's New about Padlet that WallWisher didn't Have?

There are a few feature changes with the new change.  It's still the same company with the same two designers.  However, they are not gearing their focus more towards their audience.  After chatting with the team, I found out that WallWisher originally started as a space for people to wish each other Happy Birthday on a virtual wall.  Hence, the name WallWisher.  Now, with the name change, they've added levels of privacy, access by email, and the streams layout.  They are updating their platform to soon include groups for building classes, too.  Cool, right?

Creative Uses for Padlet in the Classroom...

Teachers could use the tool or have their students use the tool.  There are so many ideas one could use Padlet for in education.  I've created a Lesson Plan example to share how you could plan out your resources for the week and have them all in one nice place!

Lesson Planning:

Imagine having a group of second graders collaborating on a topic together.  They could take 10 minutes to add content to a geography board for places they've visited.

Geography Map:

As a reading and writing workshop teacher, I often take "A Status of my Class" before sending them off to work.  A quick way to do this would be to use Padlet.  After my mini-lesson, I could put a QR code of the Padlet link up on the SMART Board, have the students scan it, and be taken directly to the Wall.  Then, they could post where they were with their process.

As the teacher, after the students have posted to the space, I could drag their comments around to organize them by stages.  Stated differently, I can pull all of the kids that need a conference together.  Those that are revising can be grouped together by simply touching their comment and dragging to closer to the other students who are revision and so on.

Status of the Class:

You could also have a student post their project on Padlet.  Whether they completed a multimedia project with a video or a link or even a document with a file, they can post the item on Padlet.  Then, peers can collaborate to offer feedback in a shared space.

Padlet can be Private or Public

If you want a space where your students work can be public, Padlet is the place for you!  There are so many sharing features and options as seen below.  However, there are also several privacy features that allow you to set your setting just the way you'd like.

You can set your privacy settings in various ways.  You can even select to moderate the posts so that you have to approve everything before it goes live for the class to see.  Nifty feature!

Your student's work can be secure and you can even invite specific people to collaborate by email instead of having the wall open to the public to collaborate.

Here is a great tutorial that Steve, @mrfigurelli, put together - click here to see how Padlet works!

{click here to try Padlet out}

So Many Sharing Features & Options

There are so many ways you could integrate this tool in your classroom.  Have you used Padlet?  Please share your ideas in a comment below on this post.  Thanks!

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  1. This looks so cool! I love the idea of using it for writing conferences!
    Rowdy in First Grade

  2. Thanks so much Jennifer - hugs for sharing!



  3. I can't wait to try this out with my first graders. Thank you for sharing!

  4. I just used Padlet last week. Students wrote 6 Word Memoirs from the point of view of either a Nazi soldier, someone in a concentration camp, or an onlooker. They enjoyed and didn't realize that I was checking for their understanding.

    Check it out...

  5. Megan,

    Very cool! Loved checking out your wall. The comments are so wonderful.

    Thanks for sharing!


  6. Erin, great blog on Padlet. I've used Wallwisher in the past and had difficulty with the streaming. I'm thinking they've made upgrades since then, and can't wait to try it out. I really like the geography, lesson plan, and status of the class pages!

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