Monday, April 8, 2013

Get the @Remind101 Widget for your Site!

Communicate with your Class & Stay Connected!

Remind101 is a tool that I've grown quite reliant on over the past couple of years.  I use it this year more than ever.  At Open House, I have my parents subscribe to our class Remind101 account.  I also have print outs of the PDF available that the Remind101 site provides.  This way, my parents can have a step by step guide as they sign up.  Plus, I'm there to answer any questions if they get stuck.

What type of messages do I send to 2nd grade parents?

There seems to be a gap in dates.  That is because we were on Spring Break.  Otherwise, I use Remind101 weekly.  I use it to directly text new spelling words, my contact number for when we are on field trips, links to apps we used in class that day, websites to reinforce class lessons, videos created to showcase student work, updates about homework, news regarding special dates, and general reminders.  

I schedule most reminders to be sent at 2:40.  That is our dismissal time.  I schedule some reminders for 6:00pm if they need to remember to pack something for school the next day.

Parents seems to really enjoy getting the messages delivered directly to their smart phones.  I also subscribe to my class account to make sure I'm not overloading their messages with too many reminders.  It's so tempting to send updates because it's fun!

Now there is a Remind101 Widget

You can preview your widget prior to generating the code to embed on your class site or blog.  What a handy feature!  The Remind101 Blog features a beautiful, visual step by step guide showing exactly how to grab the code for your personal widget.  Please click here to see that post.  

See how to get your Remind101 Widget - click here!

I almost forgot to mention that I have the Remind101 app, too (click here).  This means that I can do all of my messaging and scheduling from my phone!  Super nice!  It's also available on Android (click here).

Why use Texting in your Classroom?

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  1. Thanks for sharing Remind101!

  2. I use remind101 and love it!!!!
    Thanks for the info about the widget!


    1. Thanks Elizabeth!

      Glad you like the widget. :)


  3. I like the kind of messages you send out the 2 grade parents. This is a cool tool and I think it can go a long way in ensuring you are on schedule stay in contact with the parents.
    All the best in your Bammy Awards and I wish you victory.

    1. Wow - thanks so much!!! I really appreciate it.

      Have a great week,


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  5. Erin,

    Remind101 has really helped me connect with my high school students. Right before Spring Break they made me promise to text them to keep in touch!

    Would like to use the widget but having some technical difficulty. Hope to iron it out soon!