Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Enhance Young Learner's English Vocabulary with @MindSnacks & Teach Foreign Languages!

Mindsnacks: Vocabulary Building and Language Development

MindSnacks is a mobile educational gaming company that develops popular apps that teach foreign languages and test preparation subjects. Recently, MindSnacks released a brand new app called Kids' Vocab -- it's a comprehensive learning tool that teaches essential vocabulary for students ages 7-12. Kids' Vocab features 9 unique mini-games that cover 25 lessons and approximately 350 indispensable vocabulary words. The app has also been designed to support the Common Core Learning Standards. The games challenge students to use context clues, clarify the meaning of words, think in terms of domain-specific groupings, spell correctly and more!

Students will learn much more than simple memorization when they use Kids' Vocab. The app teaches definitions, spelling, pronunciation, contextual usage and parts of speech, making it perfect for use both in and out of the classroom. As students review the different lessons, they will find each vocabulary word is packed with example sentences, usage guidelines, and fun factoids about homophones, word parts, etymology and figurative language.

Mindsnacks allows kids to practice in more than just memorizing meaning.  Learners practice with vocabulary, spelling, rapid recall, and proper usage.  The vocabulary is presented in a visual manner that is easy for learners to connect with and learn in a more meaningful way.

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