Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Awesome Apps for EDU:

Search for Apps easily with Google

I enjoy searching for new apps to play around with and use with my two children and my students.  Of course, the iPad is far more beneficial than just simply playing with apps.  However, just like with reading, sometimes it's fun to just indulge.  

Recently, I saw on a great iPad blog that you can search for apps using Google.  I actually had to first click 'more.'  Then I could scroll down to click 'applications.'  After that, I was able to just type in 'math' or 'phonics' to get a list of choices to populate.  You could certainly still use the App Store search feature, too.

Learning in Hand

If you're looking for a great mobile learning blog, I highly recommend stopping by Tony Vincent's site: Learning in Hand (click here).  He's the real deal.  My district brought Tony in for a day of learning a few years ago.  I think that is where I really started falling in love with technology.  He showed how you could naturally integrate the tools to seamlessly compliment and enhance your current pedagogy.  I LOVE his work!

Scroll through the list below for a few of my Favorite Apps for Education
- please leave a comment with some of your favorites, too - 


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  2. Erin, I used the Widget Builder for the first time today but am having a problem. I can't seem to scroll down through the list. I have the same problem when I try and scroll through your list of apps. Am I doing something wrong??

  3. Mr. Milne,

    Tony did a super post about it today:

    Hope that helps. He explains it really well, and there is a video tutorial.



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