Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Turn your Photos into Stylish Creations with @Smilebox!

Turn your Photos into one of a kind Creations!
- print, post, and share - 

Looking to Make a Beautiful and Simple Class Memory This Year?

I've used Smilebox for a few years now.  For me, it was what PicMonkey and other photo embellishing sites now offer... only better!  You can make a number of your photos all look incredible by uploading them to a pre-made, beautiful Smilebox template.

I really love that I can upload my end creation to my class site, email it directly to parents (and it shows up within the email - not as a link, very cool!), or even print off the pages to display on bulletin boards or put in a binder for the year's special memories.  When I add the pages to our class binder, I always put it out at conferences.  Parents love seeing their children participating in all of they year's activities and festivities.  

Select your Category

I pay for the premium version because I use it a lot, so it's worth it.  I believe I pay around $5 or $40 a year... I'm not certain.  I tried to find it on my account, but after browsing for a while, I gave up (sorry).  They do offer a free version and have a free 7 day trial for the premium version I believe.  Additionally, they offer an affiliate program where you can earn money for each person that signs up that you recommend.  I have not signed up for this service because I did not want my readers thinking I'm only pushing this site because I get a kick back (though I really should... everyone like a bit of free money, right?).

As you can see above, they have several, organized categories to choose from for your design.  Once you select the theme for your design, you can then choose they type of slideshow you wish to have.

Then Choose your Theme

If I select holiday, I am then given several upcoming holiday choices to choose from (Chinese New Year, Mardi Gras, Valentine's Day... or all holidays).  Most of all, I really enjoy how quick and easy this program is to use.  I also really enjoy the quality of video that I can share with others.  They turn out really nice.

Select the Style of Slideshow you wish to Create

I've made my Christmas cards using Smilebox along with several other invitations, presentations, slideshows, and more.  What I use this for most now is to add a lot of class photos to a slideshow and share with parents.  I always select the Scrapbook style because I think they come out looking the best.

I like making Scrapbooks because they come out looking beautiful!

In a matter of seconds, I can pop in my memory card from my digital camera and add all of my class photos.  I usually add between 15 and 40 photos depending on how many good pictures I have.

Then, just drag and drop your photos directly into each page!

 Have fun making a special book this Valentine's Day!
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  1. Thanks for this tutorial Erin! I have been wondering how everyone embellishes their pictures so beautifully. Will try when I get back from school today.


  2. Hi Barbara,

    I'm so glad you found the post helpful. I look forward to hearing how it goes for you.



  3. This is awesome!! Thanks for sharing!!
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