Thursday, February 7, 2013

Can't Keep Track of Volunteers for Valentines- Let Sharipe Help You Out

I was recently contacted by a company named Sharipe (share-uh-pee) to help spread the word about their current beta test that they are conducting.  Sharipe is a new site in which folks can send an invitation to a gathering of some sort - for instance a pot luck - and create a list of needed items in which the recipient of the invite can claim responsibility for an item. It also contains a social element of recipe sharing (hence - Sharipe) that will allow guests to share their recipe with those who attended. 

This site becomes particularly useful in classrooms in which room parents or volunteers make large contributions.  I know firsthand as both a parent and a teacher that a holiday party, performance, or even a school supply list can get out of hand pretty quickly.  Keeping up with who is bringing what, who wants to change to another item, who can no longer attend can easily derail a normal day.  Using a web and email based product such as Sharipe can take the headaches out of the party planning.

Now we've seen some other similar products in this market before, so what differentiates Sharipe from the others?  The biggest differentiator that I found is that because they are in beta, they are very willing to listen to their users work on what we would like to see from their product as it grows.  Do we want to take it past email into other social media, create a recipe sharing platform, etc?  As you can see below, there are a few things things that they are already considering that will be an upgrade from current competitors.  Each of these items will in many cases be a major upgrade over many of the other companies doing this type of work, and Sharipe is committed to continuous improvement on this first beta run.

At home, some families have already started using Sharipe.  As we will see pictured below, Josh & Jill have started using it for some important parts of their lives - school functions, work parties, get-togethers with friends, etc.  Using this tool gives them more control over their lives to do what they want to do, and they can focus on enjoying their events rather than organizing events.


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