Friday, December 21, 2012

Top Tech Sites for this Holiday Season

Top Tech Sites for this Holiday Season

It’s possible to find many tech sites during the holiday season that can be used to explore apps, reviews, and games, while also allowing you to make your own presents. Other tech sites are useful for experimenting with different examples of digital design, while some are just fun ways to play around with making fun cards and messages for Christmas. From sites like Glogster that allow you to make posters, through to music mixing sites that can allow you to make the perfect Christmas playlist, some of the top tech sites for this holiday season include:


This website allows you to import files and make up your own posters, blogs, and other media projects. While providing a lot of different projects, Glogster can be used to design posters for Christmas, as well as for creating records of trips and photographs during the holidays season. In doing so, Glogster is recommended for anyone that wants to get familiar with designing and bringing out their creative sides online.


If you just want a bit of fun at Christmas, then ElfYourself is reliable at creating cards that you can send to your friends. Simply add in faces of your friends, and they’ll be animated as dancing elves.

PBS Kids Go

It’s hard to go wrong with PBS, and for anyone who wants to watch and interact with their shows during Christmas, the main PBS Kids Go site is ideal for containing games, contests, and information.


A wide ranging site that offers jokes, Weird Science sections, and recipes for various age types, Funology is useful as a way of filling quieter days during the holiday season. Funology is best for younger kids, although it does offer some more advanced features, as well as more accessible projects based around magic tricks; and recipes that can be used by anyone.

The Toymaker

Ideal if you want to create online toys and cards that can be given to younger children, or even if you just want to experiment with designing and trying out some creative ideas.


A good way of learning about the important of charity and its impact at Christmas, Kiva is a micro-loan site that allows families to send small amounts of money to projects around the world. Kiva also provides information on how that money is being spent.


This site allows you to create books and experiment with different storytelling techniques. While you have to be 13 to register, younger children can register with a parent, and can enjoy building up their confidence.


Anyone looking to create an online mixtape that can be shared with friends and family can do so on Muxtape; the site is designed to prevent messages and chat, putting the focus instead on creating mixtapes that can then be shared.


An extension of Make Magazine, this site provides the tools to try different creative projects, and offers the chance for collaboration and engagement with digital media. With a philosophy that encourages users to put their own spin on media, and cutting-edge updates on new digital projects, Make is an excellent resource for starting new projects for Christmas.

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