Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Holiday Door Decorations for Classrooms and Creative (but Simple) Winter Themed Bulletin Board Ideas!

My second grade classroom!

Thanks to Pinterest for the Inspiration!

We had a lot of fun this holiday at my school.  We had two new teachers join our grade level.  There are four of us on our second grade team.  Thanks to Pinterest, we've all gained some creative inspiration this season.  Luckily, we also have terrific room mothers that helped us pull off some cute holiday door displays. 

Before we say good-bye to 2012, I wanted to share my team's doors with you.  They did such a wonderful job.  I love how they're all so different from one another yet just as beautiful as the next.

Above: The fuzzy white owls looked so cute in the frosted white branches.

Above: The lolly pops each had the student's name placed on the tag - so cute!

Above: Each student selected a book for their snowman - how creative!

Above: A closer look at the 3-D snowman each holding a favorite book.
(thanks to Amazon's thumb nail images)

We also tried to replicate the "If I Lived in a Snowglobe" idea we saw on Pinterest.  Each child created their own winter scene.  We used paper plates, zip lock bags, markers, black construction paper, and staples.  You can click here to see where we found the original post.

You can get the free printables from Valerie's TpT store!
{click here to download}


After trying the snow globes using zip lock bags as seen a bit above, my team found they deflated after a while.  They didn't look as great.  This year, I found the above image on Pinterest.  Using clear plastic plates just makes sense.  So, this year, we will try this!  

I also like to tie our projects into the curriculum.  Since we are studying human and natural characteristics within our community, I'm going to pre-cut 8" circles to perfectly fit in the plate.  The students will illustrate a landscape of their choice to demonstrate their understanding of our community characteristics.  They can drop in a few cotton balls and sparkles.  I also plan to add lined paper to the base of the globe so that students can write about their human and natural characteristics.  I am going to encourage them to use the academic vocabulary within their writing as well to adequately portray their illustrations.  I know they'll turn out beautifully.  I can't wait to show them off!  

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  1. Your snow globes are adorable!! Just love the idea! I think I may add this idea to my snow unit for January! Thanks for sharing!

    Celebrate Second Grade

  2. Very fun! The post reminds me of the door on my college dorm. My roommate and I covered it in Christmas paper and a big bow so that it looked like a Christmas presents.

    Thanks for the memories!
    Janet |

  3. Thanks everyone for your comments! We loved having our doors so festive for the holidays. The kids thought it was very cute!

    Have a Happy New Year,


  4. I had come across this during winter break, but just had a chance to really look at it now. I think my students will have a blast creating their snow globe scenes. Thank you for sharing. All the best for 2013!

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