Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thinking of a new book for the holidays?

Amazing Grades!
101 Best Ways to Improve Your Grades Faster

This past summer I was asked to contribute a chapter to a collaborative project that was happening worldwide.  Pat Wyman, international best selling author, has assembled experts from 13 countries around the world to add their best-practices for improving grades. 

I received the published hard copies this summer and have enjoyed reading the ideas shared by so many professionals.  I like that there are such a variety of tips and strategies shared that reach so many facets of learning.  

You can listen to each chapter and watch corresponding TED Talks and videos!

The book is interactive, too!  It has visual, auditory, and kinesthetic features.  On the first page of the book, you're prompted to download the free app at the provided url address.  Throughout the book, you'll notice many icons, similar to QR Codes.  These icons allow your smart phone to scan them for additional information provided by each author.  For example, some authors encourage you to view a TED Talk or a video that shows examples of their strategies.  By scanning your smart phone over the icon, you'll be instantly connected to the specific video the author wanted to share.  It's pretty amazing!

In the  chapter, "Balance Your Brain to Boost Your Grades," the reader can scan the two icon squares to view videos of the Brain Gym activity referenced in the reading.  No worries if you don't have a smartphone, the website addresses are always listed directly by each square icon.  So, you can just type it in to your computer.  Though the interactive components are an added benefit, they aren't necessary to the understanding of each chapter.  So, don't worry if you don't have Internet access.  You can still enjoy the wealth of strategies and tips within the book.

The book is divided into 8 parts:
1. Life Skills (17 chapters)
2. Study Skills ( 20 chapters)
3. Subject Area Learning Strategies (24 chapters)
4. Learning Differences (8 chapters)
5. Special Factors that Affect Learning (9 chapters)
6. Special Section for Teachers (13 chapters)
7. Special Section for Parents (7 chapters)
8. Planning for the Future (1 chapter)

Each chapter has an audio file that the reader can listen to.  Each author has pre-recorded their voice to narrate the chapter being read aloud so all individuals can read the book or listen to the book being read aloud by the actual author of that particular chapter. 

This book has something for every learner - the perfect gift for the holiday!

Some chapters, like "Visual Skills Needed in School: Do you have any of these symptoms," includes helpful checklists for students and/or parents.  Each chapter is brief and to the point, yet offers enough information to learn helpful strategies and statistics.  

My sister, who is visiting for the holidays, picked up a copy of the book while our children were in the kitchen making a pumpkin roll with my mom.  After flipping through the book, I caught her reading with deep focus on one section.  I asked her what caught her attention.  She replied that it was a chapter titled, "Conversations with a Doctor About ADHD."  The author of this section provided much helpful advice.  Dana, my sister, paused to share a few bits of information she learned from the chapter, including a question she's going to take back to her son's pediatrician.  Author, Stephen Guffanti, M.D. is a practicing physician, author, and parent.   Guffanti has ADHD and dyslexia. 

I'm honored to be included in this book with such amazing professionals and experts in their field.  

Special Holiday Discount for Kleinspiration Readers and Military Families:

I have a few copies of the book left from conferences and workshops that I hosted this summer.  In honor of the holiday season, I'd like to offer the remaining books at a special discount for my readers.  I have 21 copies of the book left.  I will offer the books on a first come basis. 

The book retails for $24.97.  However, I've created a special pricing button for readers of this post.  I'm offering the book at 25% off for a limited time through December  2, 2012.  With the 25% off, the book comes to $18.73 plus $4.75 shipping and handling.  

I'm happy to personalize the inside book jacket to individuals wishing to give this as a gift for the holiday season.  Simply click here to contact me with your personalization request.  

All purchases are through my secure PayPal account.  You can also purchase the book from my Teachers Pay Teacher store; however, the discount is not being offered through my Teachers Pay Teacher store.  For the 25% off, click the "Buy Now" PayPal button below to process your transaction.



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