Sunday, November 4, 2012

Introducing @LiveScribe Sky: the first Wi-Fi Smart Pen with @Evernote Integration

Imagine an Interactive Pen for the Classroom!

- Launching the World's 1st Wi-Fi Smartpen

I received the LiveScribe Sky Pen last weekend... before it officially launched this Monday.  It took everything I had to not post early about it, so I took the week off to redefine the way I originally planned on writing the post.

Originally, I wanted to share how amazing the tool was; however, after a lot of thought, I've decided to share how I'm using the tool in my classroom.  There are so many sites that are sharing the fantastic features of the pen (Mashable, TheNext Web, Computer World, and the Livescribe Blog) .  I thought it would be helpful to refrain from sharing what the pen did to how it could actually be used.

In effort to show how I'm using it, I should provide a bit of background for what differentiates this pen from regular pens and previous versions of the smart pen, like the LiveScribe Echo.  

In my opinion, the two major differences are: the new Sky pen does not have any wires and it automatically syncs your notes to Evernote!  This is a fabulous feature.

Creating Digital Portfolios was Never Easier:

I put together a ten minute video that briefly shows how the pen works and how I use it in my second grade classroom.  Towards the end of the video, I even share how my four year old son, Jacob, and I used the pen together to practice writing his name.  

Watch the video below to see how I use the Sky pen in my centers for 
Social Studies and with my pre-K son to practice his letter formations!

see how I use the pen - push play for the video above

How to purchase your Sky Smartpen from Livescribe:

You can click here to connect to the Livescribe site.  The 2GB pen starts at $169.95.  A good rule of thumb is that each GB gives you about an hour of recording time.  So, the 2 GB offers about 2 hours of recording time before you have to start deleting recordings.  Keep in mind that the recordings aren't lost, they're saved in Evernote!  I would recommend the 4GB pen for $199.95.  This is the model that I have.  For about $30 more dollars, you double your recording time.  You can also get the Sky pen from Best Buy and Amazon.

I look forward to taking the pen and notebook with me to conferences and workshops.  I get excited about the possibilities!  I'm even looking forward to sharing student work at conferences with the Sky smart pen.  As a parent, if I were able to view my child's work this way, I'd be speechless!  In fact, when I shared the work we were doing with one of my student's parents, she had to know right then how to get one for herself.  She said her family must have this for when her children go to summer camp to write letters to each other.  What a thoughtful idea!

There are also other ways to get a pen for your classroom.  You can set up a Donors Choose account or raise money through fundraising.  I'd love to hear of creative ways you would use this technology in your classroom.  Feel free to leave your comments below this post.

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