Wednesday, November 21, 2012

EdTech Start-Up @Citelighter is Donating Funds to Support Hurricane Sandy Classrooms

Citelighter is donating money for relief support to Sandy Classrooms

Many homes, schools, and businesses were affected by the recent devastation brought by Hurricane Sandy.  The team at Citelighter has decided to donate relief support to financially support classrooms that were struck by this catastrophe.  

Citelighter is an educational start up company looking for feedback from teachers to help shape their product they're building for students.  By taking just a moment to offer your professional feedback, Citelighter would like to thank you by donating to the Sandy classrooms on your behalf.  

{click here to take the survey - we appreciate your support}

In return for filling out their survey, Citelighter will:

  • Donate $1 per submission through to classrooms that were flooded by Hurricane Sandy (note: a friend of Citelighter has a classroom in Staten Island, where they will be hand delivering supplies as well).
  • Send your principal, boss, or friend a nice note detailing your willingness to do a good deed for a classroom in need and to help “Save Research” (please note that all your survey responses will remain completely confidential)
  • Enter you in a drawing to win Citelighter Pro for your entire class.

A note of thanks from the guys at Citelighter:

Thank you in advance for your responses, and for giving Citelighter a place in your classrooms. Please forward this survey to any of your colleagues and friends who are teachers so that we can raise the money to help fund this project do our part to help “Save Research.”


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