Sunday, November 4, 2012

DIY: Organize Math Facts & a Freebie!

Organize Student Math Facts

Before school started, we had a representative from our math program come to our school.  She shared many helpful tips for engaging students, utilizing the online components of our program, and organizing our materials.  One of the favorite tips I learned was how to have students keep up with and organize their math facts.  In previous years, I always had students store their facts in a pencil case, zip lock bag, or envelope.  However, now, we use a folder.  

math facts (triangles or cards)
Velcro dots
hole punch
fact power labels
brass connectors

I really like using a folder because students have a place to put the facts they're working on to the left and facts they've mastered to the right.  An added benefit is that they're so much more motivated to master their facts.  Something about transferring the math facts to the right size is powerful.  They love when they finish their work early so they can independently practice their facts.  When students are confident they're secure in their facts, they come to me to share their fact fluency.  I quickly quiz them on their facts.  If I feel confident they're ready to move on, I give them a sheet of more, challenging facts.  They rush to their seat to immediately practice.  They are seriously eating up these facts!  I even have some working on multiplication and division now.

I had a very kind room mom help to put these together.  I gathered all of the materials and created a sample fact power kit for her to see.  I printed off the labels: fact practice (left) and fact power (right).  Thanks to a colleague for creating these super labels!  

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How to Create the Math Facts Kit
Step 1:
Cut the folder.  Trace a half circle above the pockets on each side.  Cut/remove the top.  Fold the left over half circle over to form the flap.

Step 2:
Place the labels on each side.

Step 3:
Put a Velcro dot under each flap - on the right and left sides.

Step 4:
Hole punch the edges and put in the brass connector/fastener to keep the kit closed.

Step 5:
Place the label on the front.

Step 6: 
Write the student's name/number on the front and enclose math facts on the practice side.

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Get your Freebie: Math Fact Labels
-thanks to a great colleague for creating-
Fact Triangle Practice Folder Labels- Use With Avery 8253


  1. I love this! Looks like Everyday Math :) Keeping these fact triangles organized has always been a bit of a struggle. I like the two separate compartments as well! Thanks for sharing!
    The Connected Teacher

  2. Very cute! Thanks so much for sharing. I have a new blog hop going if you want to be the first to enter! :) Pam

  3. Yes, it's Everyday Math. Good noticing! :)

    Thanks so much for your comment!!

    Have a great week,


  4. Thanks Pam, I'll check it out.


  5. Great ideas! I will give it a try. I do want to tip you off though, you have a typo on that picture, it says "organize studnet math facts" instead of student. I hope that is helpful and not annoying. :)