Sunday, October 14, 2012

Which Presidential Candidate do you side with in this election? Take this quiz to find out...

Take a quick survey to see who you side with on important issues

I recently found about about this survey tool from one of my favorite blogs, FreeTech4Teachers, by Richard Byrne.  You can click here to see his full post. 

I Side With is an easy tool that asks a series of questions based on social, environmental, economic, domestic policy, healthcare, foreign policy, immigration, and science issues.  Each category contains about four questions.  You have the option to add more questions in order to narrow your results to be more specific.  Additionally, you can slide a bar to determine how important the question/issue is to you based on a high to low level of importance. To take the quiz, click here.

I imagine this could be a beneficial tool for all voters.  Personally, I enjoyed seeing my results and how they matched the candidate I'm in favor of supporting. 

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  1. Thanks for sharing that, Erin. It was very interesting. And it showed the candidate I was already supporting too.
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  2. Chrissy,

    That is great validation. :)



  3. Oh my, I've taken these 'tests' before, but I love how you can 'choose another answer' to better describe which side I stand on, rather than a black and white - yes or no. Would be great for the kids to see as well, that politics are definitely not black and white!

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