Monday, October 29, 2012

2012 Presidential Election Knowledge Cards: Complete Student Candidate Guide via @Citelighter

2012 Presidential Election Knowledge Cards
by Citelighter

I wanted to share with  you a Presidential Debate Ontology that about a dozen Knowledge Experts (college students from top 25 universities, and top 5% of their class) created. This is a list of ~45 issues they believed were important in the upcoming election.  They created Knowledge Cards to support each candidate's side from what they believed was objective evidence (i.e. mostly verifiable facts and very few opinion pieces).  You can access the individual knowledge cards by clicking on the colored dots. I love that this resource was created by students - for students!

Click Here to Access the Free Presidential Election Knowledge Cards! 

The great team at Citelighter worked to support the development of this fantastic resource.  They thought this would be a great way for their Knowledge Experts to simplify the election process for other students, especially those younger than them, across the country in a very organized manner.  

Additionally, Citelighter is giving away 30 FREE Pro-Accounts to our readers!  If you'd like a premium access code, please contact me by clicking hereI'll send you the exclusive information to get upgraded for Free!

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A Sensible Solution to Election Coverage From @Citelighter 


  1. My kids thought this quiz was fun. It's really short but made them think. Afterwards they asked me some good questions.