Sunday, September 23, 2012

Using your SMART Doc Cam with your SMART Board

Why have a favorite tool?  Use them all together to enhance each device!

Teachers often wish we had more class time to spend with our students.  It seems like we always have so much we'd like to do in such a short about of time.  This is a good problem to have!  We love our jobs, and always want more time to do creative activities with the students we enjoy teaching.  On occasion, there are, however, those precious moments that allow for ten minutes here or there because a lesson finishes early or the schedule opens up a bit.

We finished a math lesson a bit early last week, and I wanted to extend the lesson further by allowing the students to engage with the concept in a different way than which we were just doing in our curriculum.  We only had about 7 minutes before lunch, but I didn't want those minutes to be lost.  I quickly glanced around and noticed my time flash cards sitting on my math game shelf.  

I knew the cards would be too small to hold up to the children as a whole group.  I figured I'd put them under my document camera one at a time.  I could call upon students to answer when the answer was identified.  This is not my style.  I like to have as many children engaged with the task at once - not one answering at a time.  I had the class pull out their dry erase boards, markers, and erasers.  Everyone would now be responsible for each flash card I'd place under the camera.  

There are many sites that offer random ways to select students.  Some even allow you to put in your class list so each name will generate instead of a number.  Being that it was the second week of school, I did not yet have this set up for my class.  Therefor, I used Random Number Generator.  I put in numbers 1 - the total number of students in my class.  The children loved the element of surprise as each number was generated.  Then that student got to share their dry erase response with their friends.  The pace was fast and the engagement was high.

I use the dual page display a lot in my classroom.  As a loyal SMART Board user, I really enjoy the Notebook software.  Last year I was selected to be a SMART Exemplar Educator.  I continue to enjoy finding new tricks to do with the software and the board.  One of my new favorite tools is the SMART Internet browser.  I use to run the transparent background over the internet so that I could incorporate the Notebook tools.  Now I don't have to since I can add the browser widget with one click.

I recently found an article on Pinterst sharing over 50 ways to use your document camera in your classroom: click here to read the full post.  

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  1. Erin,
    Thanks for sharing! I just got a smart board this year (woooohoooo!) but I'm still trying to figure out all the little tricks. I've had NO training and I'm trying to figure it out on my own from Youtube and things like that. Obviously, I use smart exchange a lot. I didn't even know there was a dual page tool!
    Any suggestions for Smart resources/tips?
    Thanks! :)
    Teaching Happily Ever After

  2. Ashley,

    Thanks so much for your comment.

    Here is my Pinterest board for SMART Resources:

    What were you looking to do... find resources or learn how to create content?

    Have a great week,