Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Help Prepare Children for Success in Life with free e-book Timmy Tuna

I am thrilled to introduce HumanBean as our newest Kleinspiration sponsor and partner.  HumanBean has taken on a very significant purpose in the education of our children.  Their stated mission is: "to help you prepare your children for success in life"  While this is no small challenge, HumanBean makes effective use of books, video, and other tools to help us teach our kids about the benefits of teamwork, making and keeping friends, and a variety of other skills that will benefit them for a lifetime.

This month, we are featuring the HumanBean book Timmy Tuna,  an entertaining and beautifully illustrated book about a mighty Tuna fish who gets caught in a net and discovers that even with his great power he cannot break free. When a humble jellyfish and a bashful crab help him escape he learns that when we work together we can do great things. Written by David Machin for HumanBean, this story is designed to teach the benefits of Teamwork to children aged 6-10.

Teamwork can have unexpected benefits for children. David tells the story of when his daughter, Ella, moved to a new school when she was 7 years old. Being a shy girl and not knowing anyone, she found it hard to settle in and make friends. David suggested she join the school hockey team and 'be sure to pass the ball a lot!'. Working together with her team to win games was great for developing her social skills (and confidence). Soon she had many friends and learned a lot about balancing her needs with the needs of others.

Timmy Tuna has been written specifically to introduce this vital life skill to children at an early age.

David Machin has written more children's stories which are available on HumanBean - each uses a key life skill to boost confidence, self esteem and sociability in boys and girls aged 6-10.

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Disclosure: HumanBean is a sponsor of Kleinspiration

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  1. This looks like an interesting book. I agree that it seems like it could definitely teach kids some good life lessons.