Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Claco: a free social search engine for content, lessons, and interactive resources!

Don't Google for great content - Claco for content!

Claco makes building, organizing and sharing lessons insanely simple. It supports all types of lesson content (website links, embed codes, videos), not just files. You can also search for and use lessons that other teachers have built, giving you more time to teach and inspire your students. Collaboration is a key feature of Claco, and it's really exciting to see teachers working together to streamline the lesson planning process. Claco has even started a movement called “United We Teach” encouraging educators to share and enhance each other’s resources.

Educators are using Claco to:   
  • Find great resources and lessons (saving them a ton of time!)
  • Organize all of their lessons into one place
  • Build lessons collaboratively with teachers across the hall and around the world   
  • Share lessons with students, parents, colleagues and the world

It's like Pinterest + Dropbox + Social Sharing Features for Files and Lessons!

Click Here to Access my Reading Workshop files!


Click Here to Access my entire Claco Teaching Portfolio!

Key differences between Claco and similar tools:
  • You can use other teacher's resources without downloading anything – you can instantly snap them into your desired lesson's folder directly on Claco.
  • Finding educators to collaborate with takes only seconds.
  • Lessons aren't just files – they're also interactive websites, games, and videos. Claco allows you to organize all of your lesson content in the same place, including web content.

Important Details:
Claco is free and always will be. In the future we may have premium upgrades, but the core service will always remain free.

Get your Invitation to Access the Site:
Because Claco is in private beta, they're only able to accept a limited number of applicants at a time.  They have, however, reserved 50 invitations for Kleinspiration readers.  Yay!  This will be on a first come basis.  If you'd like access to the site, simply mention "Kleinspiration" in the about section when you sign up.  You'll be invited on the very next round of invites! 

Click here for your guaranteed invitation to access the site!

*First 50 will get automatic access*


  1. How fabulous is this? WOW is all I can say! This sounds perfect and I hope to get an invite. Only problem…I forgot to mention your blog post and name in my invite request grrrrr! I hit send before I added your info. :( Hopefully I'll still get an invite. One a second note, thank you for all your inspiring ideas. I love reading your twitter feeds and I visit your blog quite often. ;)

    Ms. Hutten’s Buttons

  2. Krissy,

    Contact me from the page above and send me your email address. I'll send you a direct invite. :)

    Thanks so much for your kind words.



  3. Kandi,

    It shouldn't be too late. I have a few personal invites left. Let me know if you need one.