Tuesday, September 11, 2012

@ABCyaGames Base Ten Fun!

Base Ten Fun Game to Practice Math Facts

ABCyaGames has many games for many grade levels.  I love to feature fun activities from their site.  Every time I prepare a post for ABCya, my kids come running up to the computer.  They love the sounds of the games and the bright animation bouncing off the screen.  

I recently found Base Ten Fun.  This game, like all games on their site, is super easy to get started and to play.  Once you click 'go', you are prompted to select between Read & Make, Listen & Make, and Count & Write.  Then you simply drag and drop the tens and ones that you need to make a number, or use the keypad to enter the number that has already been made on your screen.

Base Ten Fun is an educational virtual manipulatives activity for kids learning place value, addition and subtraction. Base Ten Fun is highly customizable; kids can select from ones, tens and hundreds.  Each mode has audio support and written instructions describing how to play. As a bonus children are able to select different colored block sets when the get 10 correct!

{click here to play Base Ten Fun yourself & have fun}

Disclaimer: ABCyaGames is a sponsor of Kleinspiration

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  1. I love love LOVE ABCYA!!! I used this base ten game on my SmartBoard and another game that I LOVE (and REALLY helps my struggling students) is the hundreds chart game... It's differentiated (level 1 and level 2) and I have personally seen the difference it has made with my students during math centers!!!! Just had to give a *high five*... I'm right there with you.... Love this site!!!! ;)

    Jenn O.
    Seriously Primary