Sunday, July 29, 2012

@ABCyaGames Fun Math Fact Shoot Out!

Math Fact Shoot - Out Game to Practice Math Facts

ABCyaGames has many games for many grade levels.  I love to feature fun activities from their site.  Every time I prepare a post for ABCya, my kids come running up to the computer.  They love the sounds of the games and the bright animation bouncing off the screen.  

I recently found Math Fact Shoot-Out.  This game, like all game on their site, is super easy to get started and to play.  Once you click 'go,' you are prompted to select a level (easy, medium, or hard).  Then you pick the math operation you'd like to play.  Finally you choose your player.

Check out my game play...

{click here to play Math Fact Shoot Out yourself & have fun}

Disclaimer: ABCyaGames is a sponsor of Kleinspiration


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