Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Mastery Connect: Expanded Features for Free Users

Mastery Connect, winners of the 2011 Edublog Award for Best Mobile App, understands that they cannot achieve their goal of helping teachers share and discover common assessments, track mastery of standards, and collaborate in a global professional learning community by resting on their laurels.  That is why they are taking the giant leap of expanding their free services. 

Beginning this month, teachers with a free account can now create an unlimited number of MasteryTrackers. In addition, teachers can add an unlimited number of assessments to their trackers to assess and re-assess for mastery.

In combination with the ability to use the MasteryTracker, free accounts can take advantage of the time-saving grading tools of GradeCam Bubblesheet Scanning, iPod/iPad scoring, and browser-based assessment up to 10 questions. All users can continue to share and utilize assessments with any number of questions. Premium users will continue to enjoy scoring up to 100 questions as well as all the great features of reporting, exporting, sub-standards, and much much more. 

You can learn about these recently released features, in addition to their new interactive video tour on the Mastery Connect blog.  In an age where teachers are being charged for everything from apps to lesson plans to tech gadgets, it is incredibly refreshing to see a company such as Mastery Connect expanding their free options rather than looking for new ways to charge for services.  I applaud Mastery Connect for this decision and hope that many others will follow suit. 

Disclosure: Mastery Connect is a sponsor of Kleinspiration

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  1. I need to go back and check it out again. I needed Mastery Connect for Dummies apparently because I couldn't figure it out when I first created my account.

    Strive to Sparkle