Thursday, May 31, 2012

remind101: If only I had this tool in school!

remind101: an effective and efficient way to communicate on the go

So often I wish I had the ability to shoot out a quick reminder to parents...

  • math test tomorrow
  • don't forget your permission slip
  • spelling words for the week... xxx, xxx, xxx
  • thanks for the canned goods you donated
  • I'm staying after school tomorrow if anyone needs help with projects.

Because a lengthy email isn't needed for these examples, remind101 works wonders!

What is remind101?
a free service to register and get a 'number' to give out to people who can subscribe to your class
they will receive updates whenever you post a new message

How do you post?
a.  simply login to your account via the web - click here to sign up (quick, free, easy)
b.  login to your app - click here to get the free NEW app!

Now, when you're running out the door, you can send quick reminders for students and parents!  I love the accountability and communication features remind101 offers users.

How does it work?
You can subscribe to my fake class to test it out...

click the image above to get the free remind101 app

Disclaimer: remind101 is a sponsor of Kleinspiration

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