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Help your Kids Soar this Summer with ETA's Home Team Advantage

ETA introduces Home Team Advantage
to Keep Students Learning & Having Fun all Summer!

Call it what you will—the Summer Slump, the Summer Slide or, even, Summer Learning Loss—but there are numerous studies and ample research to prove that children lose academic skills during the summer months. Students can lose a staggering 30 percent of the knowledge they gained the previous school year through atrophy and lack of practice.

"After receiving this product to review for my second grade daughter, I ended up purchasing another pack for my four year old son.  We can't wait to work on these this summer!"

Erin Klein
personal testimony

A Helpful Guide to Avoiding "The Summer Slump" for Pre-K - 8th grade

ETA/Cuisenaire, the Illinois-based company that is the nation’s leading provider of hands-on supplemental products for math, science and literacy education, has a genuine summer slump-busting solution.

 materials for: writing, reading/phonics, math, and science

What is The Home Team Advantage? 

First of all, as you can see above, the items come shipped to your home or classroom in a nice blue bag to carry the materials.  Inside the bag, you'll find materials to support a child in each of the following areas: writing, phonics/reading, math, and science.  

Targeting the "summer slump" that leaves students playing catch-up every fall, these take-home packs are filled with six-weeks of cross-curricular, academically-based activities to keep children sharp over the summer and ready for the fall! An easy-to-use calendar maps out daily hands-on reading, writing, math, and science activities that are fun and meaningful. 

kids love to build, create, and learn
I couldn't help but immediately start playing around with some of the items.  I couldn't believe how much was included.  Before I knew it, Jacob and Riley were both at my side exploring all of the materials.  

The Benefits:

With ETA’s Home Team Advantage (HTA), parents, family members and caregivers alike learn how to effectively become a partner in their children’s preK-8th grade education by reading, writing, and reinforcing math and science content with them throughout the summer. HTA provides:
  • Access to quality fiction and nonfiction reading materials
  • Standards-aligned, hands-on activities to promote skill mastery
  • Practical information and easy-to-follow strategies written for parents to support and develop skills in reading, writing, math, or science
  • Configurations and pacing to accommodate busy school and work schedules, as well as the long summer break
  • Parent/family guides and calendars in both English and Spanish

The parent calendar keeps you on track and organized - easy to follow!

How to receive your own packs?

The packs are designed for students in Pre-K - 8th grade.  ETA offers achievement packs to practice and reinforce skills throughout the school year, and they also offer summer goal achievement packs.  I received the summer goal achievement packs to review.  Honestly, our school year is so busy, I'm not sure I'd have time for the achievement packs throughout the year.  However, we certainly have time (and would create time if we didn't have it already) to work on the summer achievement packs.  I've seen how quickly my own children can fall behind when we don't continue working throughout the summer.  I don't want my kids to struggle when they return to school in the fall.  I'm excited to see how well the summer achievement packs work out.  Already, I like how the packs are organized and well-planned out.  Plus, they include everything we need... even the reading books.

includes 5 colorful books to read and respond to

Even though the packs include these five books, I intend for my children to read a substantial amount more this summer.  With that stated, these books are developmentally appropriate and include activities to go with each story.  All of the comprehension activities and literature responses are included in the pack and neatly organized into the calendar, too.

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The summer achievement packs are priced at $64.95.  You do receive the carrying bag, planning calendar, all hands-on materials, activity pages and books, writing journal, reading books, and more.  I do believe it is a fantastic deal.  That is why I've ordered another set for my son, too.

You can enter to win a free summer achievement pack!

When the winner is announced, I'll contact you to see what grade level you'd like and where you'd like your pack mailed to.


  1. If I win, I would like grade 3. This would be a good tool to use for tutoring.

  2. I would love to win! 4th Grade for me!
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  3. I hope I win! I would pick 2nd grade, to use with a couple of my students. :)

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  4. What a great idea!

  5. Does the company let schools have a sample to show parents, so we can promote it for our students? I teach 3rd grade, and I think many parents would be willing to purchase, if we showed it to them. I already have many parents wanting materials to work on over the summer, and many are also getting tutored. This would be great! I am also working with a 1st grader, so would love to show those parents the kit. Would love your feedback!

  6. If I win,I would totally want 2nd grade! My kids LOVE versatiles, but we only have one set for 6 teachers! boo :(

  7. I would love to get Pre-K level set for my daughter.

  8. I think this will be perfect gift for the child form their parent.
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  9. I think the Pre-K or K level.
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  11. I would like Pre K or K level!

  12. If I won, I would like a 1st grade kit to assist my cousin with his Kindergarten to First Grade transition.

  13. I would love 3rd!
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  14. 4th grade

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  15. If I were to win, I would want first grade.

  16. If I win, I would want first grade!

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