Monday, April 9, 2012

What is your favorite social network?

Making Friends through Twitter by erinklein on Storybird  Twitter for Teachers I recently composed a post for TBA regarding my love for Twitter.
{You can check that post out by clicking here

There are resources for the following:

(be sure to click 'open' on the book above)
  • how to compose a tweet
  • how to respond to someone on Twitter
  • how to include a link with your Tweet
  • how to shorten a link (url)
  • what is a hashtag
  • how to use the search feature
  • how to find interesting people to follow 
  • what is a chat
  • how to find a chat
  • how to participate in a chat
  • hoot suite
  • lists on Twitter
  • personal learning networks
  • how to track your influence on Twitter
  • crowdbooster
  • paper li
  • how to use Twitter magazines
  • what do the symbols mean on Twitter
  • and more!

{click here to read the full Twitter post on TBA}
and see my screen cast video!



  1. Thanks so much for the info Erin! Even though I'm on twitter, it is nice to have a refresher about all that is available. --Rachel at Fisher Reyna Education

  2. Hi Erin!

    I love your fun Storybird book! I have been planning on blogging about Storybird sometime because it is so neat! I'm hoping to have my students each make one too that they can post on their blogs! Thanks for sharing!

    Lessons with Laughter

  3. You're welcome, Rachel!

    Storybird is so much fun, Molly - thanks!

    I appreciate your feedback!!