Monday, April 30, 2012

Test your Typing Talents with ABCya Games

ABCya Games: The Leader in Educational Computer Games for Kids!

I always love posting about ABCya Games because it gives me the opportunity to play around on their site.  I get lost in exploring and trying out new games and activities.  Quite frankly, I can't believe they're free!  Most of all, I love how engaging and organized the site is to navigate and use.

When I set out to write this post, it was my intention to feature Word Clouds; however, I couldn't stop playing the cup stacking game.  Having children practice finger positioning for proper keyboarding is important for typing fluency.  

Cup Stacking: A Typing Game: click here to play

Check out my screen cast video of me stacking the cups!  Give it a go... can you beat my score?

The Original Keyboard Challenge: click here to play

The Keyboard Challenge can be tricky!  Don't be tempted to glance down at your keyboard.

I love how kids can select the style of keyboard they'd like (ie: rainbow, fire, water, etc...) Plus, you can select the level of difficulty by choosing 'all keys' or 'just number and letters.'

Word Clouds for Kid: click here to play

Simple and Creative!  There are so many options you can use for word clouds.  Currently, my class is working on researching animals.  I could have student's type words that tell about their animal into a word cloud.  They could design their cloud for the cover of their book.

Students could write words to describe a character or book.  They could give clues to a place and print off their word cloud to see if their classmates could guess their mystery country, city, or state.  They could do a word cloud of 'ch words' or of action words or of alternatives to said.  There truly are so many fun ways to create word clouds.  See how easy it is by watching my demonstration video.

What is your favorite ABCya game?

 Leave a comment below and share it with us. Leave the link, too.

Have you played these games on your Interactive White Board, or SMART Board?


  1. These are awesome! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I can't believe they are free either! My kiddos LOVE abcya!

    Strive to Sparkle

  3. I love abcya! There are so many games to choose from and the students love it too!

  4. Kimmie, you are certainly welcome!!

  5. I know, Athena - such a GREAT FREE resource!

    Love it!



  6. You're right, Jessica... every time I pop on the site, I discover something new and fun!

    Thanks for your feedback,


  7. Great fun! I sure wish our Pre-K had access to the internet for these games. I surely would hear... "It's my turn", "No, I just got here!", Ms Debbie "??? won't let me have my turn!" I can only dream...