Sunday, April 1, 2012

Short. Simple. Big. via @ed_insights

Thank you from Kleinspiration & Educational Insights

As awesome partners of Kleinspiration, Educational Insights is giving away $50 to one of our amazing readers!  Whoo-hoo... who couldn't use an extra $50 bucks for classroom goodies, right?!?  In order to enter, simply click below.  You only need to enter once, but I'll include three additional entries for good luck!!  

If you have a moment, it would be great if you could click here and visit the Educational Insights website to see their great classroom products.  By the way, friends of Educational Insights on Facebook get fan exclusives, promo codes, and special offers.  Thanks for following this blog, chatting in comments, and connecting through social media!!

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  1. Thank you so much for such a great opportunity!

  2. You're welcome!! Thanks for entering! Best of luck!!


  3. Erin, what an amazing surprise!! I NEVER win anything!! Guess, I can't say that anymore, now, can I?!! LOL Thank you so very much for this awesome opportunity! I can't wait to go "shopping"!! :) Thank you, most of all, for who you are AND for all you do to inspire and support teachers. Your sharing of your talents and your amazing generosity of spirit inspire all of us...thank you so very much.



    1. Jody,

      Awe, you're welcome!! I'm so glad you won something, finally!! :) Ha - I totally know how that feels... yippee!

      Your feedback is super kind. It really means a lot!!

      Thanks so much,