Sunday, April 22, 2012

Give-Away: 7 Habits of Happy Kids Game

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I was very excited to see this package arrive a few days ago for a give-away.  I had been recently looking for some new games and puzzles for my classroom collection and was having some difficulty finding something that was fun, easy to learn, and multi-dimensional.  Many of the games we see in classrooms can very specific to their genre.  Word games are word games, trivia games are trivia games, etc.  So when I received the 7 Habits of Happy Kids Game I was really looking forward to giving it a shot, as it appeared to encompass many aspects of childhood and promoted good behavior and life skills. 

To start the review, it's important to note that the game carries with it quite a bit of cache and brand appeal.  The game was authored by Sean Covey, the popular author who also authored The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and The 7 Habits of Happy Kids.  Laura Robinson and Elizabeth Bryan are credited as the game creators, both are mothers who have teamed up to create a game that provides positive family experiences and thoughtful time together that lasts beyond game night.


Upon opening the box, you will find the 7 Habits Tree on the inside of the cover.  This visual aid helps guide players through the game, and provides a template to guide them through life as well.  These 7 habits include easy to teach and understand concepts such as "everyone can win" and "work first, then play."  The habits then translate themselves into gameplay cards, which are used by players to maneuver around the board.

Play, Pieces, and Cleanup

The game play is easy to setup and to follow.  Players are tasked with earning a token in each of the seven habit categories by answering questions and sharing in dialogue together.  All questions revolve around the 7 habits of happy kids, and many do a good job of masking their educational value.  For example, the question: "Ask the others their favorite ice cream flavor and then repeat them all back" appears to just be a fun question, but upon further examination it is clear that the question and answer combination helps kids develop their listening skills. 

The packaging experts at Educational Insights did a nice job with this one.  Everything fits very well back into the box with little to no rearranging of pieces.  Your students could easily put this game away.  The pieces include the board, gameplay cards and tokens, the scoring pieces, and the very cure ear-resitables (pictured on my son Jacob below) which are a code for your "listening ears"

Jacob with his listening ears


This game really is everything that it sets out to be.  It provides an easy and fun way to help teach kids great habits and behavior that will stay with them throughout their lives.  The game is highly interactive, promotes good dialogue between kids, parents, teachers, and friends. 
This game is also very easy to setup and teach to a new audience, and can be played within minutes of opening the box.

I found very little that I do not like about this game.  Everything works exactly the way it should, and promotes positive behaviors in students.  There are only two small issues that I would call a "con."

First, the game is built to be played in groups of 3-7.  Groups of 2 could potentially create a workaround, however since it isn't built for two, it doesn't play well for two.  Secondly, and this is a very minor issue- while the bunny ears are very cute they really don't have a place in the classroom.  Touching the heads of other students is something I simply don't allow in my classroom.  I would hate to have to explain on the 1 in 10000 shot that a child became sick or contracted lice because I made them wear a headpiece as part of a game.  With that being said, the ears are super cute and great for homeplay, and are non-essential to gameplay if you wish to remove them for your classroom.

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Kudos to Educational Insights and the gamemakers for creating a product that promotes such great habits for kids and sets a foundation for them that will last for years.


  1. Looks like such a fun game! Thanks for the giveaway, Erin!

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  2. It was a lot of fun, Nicole. The kids thought it was really cute too.

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  3. It looks great! Thanks for the give away! Have a great week!

  4. You're welcome. Have a great week, too!!