Tuesday, December 11, 2012

K-6 Reading Lessons: Common Core Aligned

Reading Works is a Gem for Standards Aligned K-6 Reading Lessons
click on any image to access the specific part of the site

What is Reading Works?

per their site:
ReadWorks is presented by educators and the not-for-profit organization Urban Education Exchange (a 501c3). Our sole mission is to close the achievement gap in reading comprehension throughout the United States.

We improve teacher effectiveness and student achievement by providing K‐6 educators with a proven online reading comprehension curriculum and methodology, together with targeted online and in‐person training.

You can use this site for free to find rich resources for your reading instruction.

Step 1: Visit ReadingWorks.Org and explore the free site - register for your free account, too!

Step 2: Browse lessons by Programs, Standards by State or Common Core, & Grade Levels
You can do this part without even registering - yes, all for free...

Step 3: After you select a standard and grade level, select a specific Lesson to explore!
Be sure to see the free readings/passages that go along with the lessons, too. 
You can save your favorite lessons on the site & share them with your colleagues.

Step 4: Need support understanding the lesson or want additional assistance?  No worries...
There are free tutorials to go along with the unlimited access to lessons and passages!

Step 5: Begin collecting titles of books for your lessons from the amazing Read-Aloud Book List
The list is wonderfully categorized by grade level, concept, and title... wow - right?

How do you store your content?

So now you have all of these great resources - where do you put them?

1. There are many ways you can store your content for lessons.  Many teachers I know share their information by using their 'My Documents Folder' within Microsoft Word.  While this is great, it may be troublesome if you're using a different computer.  You will not be able to access your files.

2.  Thus, I have seen a flash drive be the 'home' for many teacher's files.  I have a flash drive with several goodies; however, after an almost heart-attack from misplacing my flash drive, I began saving my resources in the cloud.

3.  The first place I began storing my content was a free file storage site called Dropbox.  This was easy to use and free.  As I began to store more of my content online, I realized that my storage space was becoming limited.  I had to many files.  I didn't want to delete them, and I didn't want to upgrade to a premium account and pay.  Plus, I realized that I could not save my web content easily - just my files.  I had no place to store my favorite websites, videos, and interactive games.

4.  Through Twitter, I found out about 'social bookmarking.'  I was excited to open a Delicious account and begin saving all of my links.  When Delicious announced it would be 'shutting,' I transferred my online bookmarks (with ease) to Diigo.  Luckily, Delicious was bought and saved... but I realized that I now had my online content in one place (well actually 3) and my files in another place.  Ugh!  Couldn't there be one nice and easy and free place to store my Microsoft Word documents, my PowerPoint presentations, my SMART Board lessons, links to my favorite websites, embed codes to my Educreations (iPad lessons ~ like ShowMe), and video links?

5.  I figured I'd just start a website to house all of my content... TGFW - 
Thank Goodness for Weebly - I became addicted to this free website building site.  After upgrading (yes, I know...), I was able to upload and store all of my content.  Then, my site began to have so much content that each page began to load very slowly.  Really?  Wouldn't it be nice if there was a site that I could store my favorite files, web content, and more -- without having to upload/download and without charging me money?

6.  Yippee - I now have all of my files, web content (links, videos, embed codes, TpT lessons, websites, SMART Board lessons, etc...), and more all stored in one place - for free!  Thanks to ClassConnect, I have the ability to stay more organized and save myself a lot of time.  

Plus, with this site, I can not only store my content, I can search for content right within my account.  The only downfall for now is that the site is brand new (hardly a month old I believe), so there isn't a ton of content to search for just yet.  However, the more teachers add to their files and share with the public, the more content gets added to the search feature.  

When you invite friends and colleagues, you are rewarded with more free storage space - awesome!

Would you like an invitation to ClassConnect?  If so, simply click here to get started!  Enjoy!!

What does this all mean?

I've been on a mini-mission to find free content online.  I've collected some pretty cool resources, and I'm sure there are a ton more.  So, if you know of one - please do share!!

My main objective was to collect resources that were aligned to the Common Core.  Here is what I've gathered...

- click here to see my resources on ClassConnect
- click here to see my resources on Pinterest

Be sure to check back this week for my post on...

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  1. Reading Works looks amazing. I really like how they lay out all the components of the lessons. I am also LOVING Classconnect. I am hoping they create an "Add to Classconnect" button soon. It really works well! Finally, I wish you would do an article on Diigo or Delicious, you explain things so well and I don't quite understand them.

  2. Kitty,

    This site is amazing. :) Thanks for the feedback. I LOVE ClassConnect, too!! It's so simple to use. What do you mean an 'add to class connect button?' What exactly do you want this button to be able to do? I'll let Eric, the developer, know so that he can add it!! Cool, huh!

    What a great idea to do a post on Diigo and Delicious. I'll add them to my list.

    Thanks bunches,


  3. I already emailed Eric and he said it is in the works. I would like a button for my bookmark bar similar to LiveBinder it; or PinIt. I would LOVE if I had a document and when I went to "save" it brought up Class Connect as an option similar to Dropbox. Good things take time.....:)

    1. Great! Eric is awesome... I'm sure he'll get it perfect.

  4. Thank you for sharing this, it's really important to document these types of lessons.
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  5. Thanks for sharing. I was glad to see the link to Utah Standards. I had no idea the new language arts standards had been posted! Guess I have work to do!

  6. You called the website Reading Works several times in your blogpost. Is it Reading Works or ReadWorks? Thanks for the clarification.

  7. Hi Meg,

    It is ReadWorks. Thank you for the clarification.