Monday, April 23, 2012

Great New Features from Mastery Connect

One of our favorite companies to work with at Kleinspiration has been Mastery Connect.  We've featured the good folks with this award winning company several times on Kleinspiration, and are happy to share today some great upgrades that have recently been made available by the developer. 

The following are newly available for Premium Accounts:

  1. Student View for bubblesheet scanning! Student View makes it easy to have students scan their own bubblesheets and get immediate feedback. Simply click on the link in the scanning window and the camera view becomes larger and hides the scores of other students in your class.
  2. For school and district administrators – the new Administrator tab lets you both view reports and manage the accounts of teachers at your school.
  3. Updates to Student Reports – student reports now include graphs that make it easy to view current mastery as well as progress over time for that student.
  4. Export your tracker – It’s now simple to export any tracker to Excel! This makes it easy to print and manipulate the data to your hearts content!
You can learn more about how Mastery Connect gives you easy access to the common core here.

In addition, you can add the common core to your blog using the Mastery Connect widget, instructions are available here

Disclosure: Mastery Connect is a sponsor of Kleinspiration

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