Monday, April 2, 2012

Fisher-Price Apptivity Case: iPod/iPad Case

The Fisher-Price Apptivity Case for iPod and iPad Use

As an advocate for technology, I am excited about the Apptivity Case by Fisher-Price.  Before others get upset thinking that it's alright for babies to sit in front of technology all day, please understand that as with any tool, I believe balance is the key.  Toddles need fine and gross motor development along with a variety of activities to interact with each day.  I remember my mom always saying how I couldn't stay away from the VCR buttons when I was little.  I think children naturally like to mimic the actions of their parents.  So, if you're like many parents today, your toddler probably always reaches for your smart phone or tablet.

Now, there is a safe way to share these devices - thanks to Fisher-Price!
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I shop at Amazon a ton, and I'm an affiliate of Amazon.  If you'd like to check out these products, please click below to see the Fisher-Price tools for toddlers.  They're so cute (durable & affordable, too).

{click here to see the iPod Apptivity case} for $14.14


{click here to see the iPad Apptivity case} for $34.99

A Few of my Favorite Apps for Toddlers
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Here are 5 more great apps for toddlers featured in the New York Times - click here.

My children's favorite apps for learning...
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