Thursday, March 22, 2012

Look, I'm Learning! A Digital Story of Primary Students Using iPads 1:1!

Look, I'm Learning from Allyson Rockwell on Vimeo.
- a great video trailor for the documentary -
A Michigan Technology Initative

What happens when you give a bunch of 5 & 7 year olds their own iPads?

I'm proud to support the efforts of a few Michigan technology pioneers.  What happens to public education when we give children technology designed for learning? What excites us about the prospect? Why is education dead last in terms of technology adoption? What are we doing about it?  These were the questions asked of two Michigan teachers...

The following information comes from the Look, I'm Learning website:

Look, I’m learning will tell the inspirational story of Amber Kowatch and Ashley McDonald who teach kindergarten and 2nd grade in Ludington, Michigan. These teachers went one-to-one with their students by providing each student with an iPad to use for the school year. We believe the story about these two teachers, the changes in their classrooms, and the impact on their students and parents will be compelling enough to change the national conversation about technology in the classroom. This project has turned into a learning initiative not a technology initiative it’s about having a change in the learning and that’s what changes the whole dimension of what was accomplished.

The team even has a list of their top favorite Apps!

This film is more than simply using technology - it supports the importance of changing the mindset towards technology integration in education.  This isn't just a film that shows what is happening in two classrooms, it's purpose is to spark a national conversation about the place of technology for today's learners.

 You can read more to support their initative by clicking here.

Please click here and visit their Kickstarter Page.  You can see more about the film and follow their blog.

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