Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Interior Design for your Classroom!

Photo Credit: Schoolgirl Style by Melanie

That's right - Classroom Couture !

When I ran across Melanie's photos on Pinterest, I went crazy!  I spent three years at Michigan State studying Interior Design prior to entering teaching.  It was hard leaving my passion for design; however, I wasn't invested in the C.A.D (computer aided drafting) aspects of the field.  This is interesting because now that I'm in teaching, it's the technology that has become my passion... I think I just like to drive myself crazy!  ~ Anyhow... you can see why I simply love how beautiful Melanie's designs are!  They aren't overbearing, and they're rich in aesthetic value.

Photo Credit: Schoolgirl Style by Melanie

I've had a few ideas for next year... and now summer can't get here quick enough!  I'm ready to rearrange and redecorate!   I encourage you to click here and check out the rest of these photos!  Warning... be sure you're not standing close to someone.  If you're like me you'll start smacking the person next to you to 'Look!' how cute the pictures are!  :D

Photo Credit: Schoolgirl Style by Melanie

Melanie even shares photos from her home, too.  She has such a classic style that is sure to suit many tastes!  I love her Halloween photos for home and school.  She has great ideas for classroom parties!

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  2. I just wish I could decorate like that. We aren't able to hang anything, tape anything up on the walls...NOTHING! I'm so jealous of teachers who can do that.

    Kinder Kraziness

    1. @Laura ... I can't even imagine how you bear it! After teaching for 34 years, during which decorating my classroom was always such a thrill ... to plan and design ... and the kids always loved it, I find it impossible to fathom. What about "Word Walls" and other "Learning Walls"? What reasoning could they have for this? How do you provide an enticing environment for your students? The challenge is to figure out creative ways to fulfill the requirements while still creating an amazing place that kids want to come to each day. Hang in there, Laura ... you'll figure it out ... and your kids will love you for trying!

      I love, love, love Kleinspiration! Interior Design for the Classroom! Thanks, Melanie, for inspiring teachers (and their students) everywhere!

    2. Oops ... I'm sorry, Erin. I gave credit just to Melanie above (seeing the credits on the photos). Thank you, Erin, for creating such a lovely site that is so inspirational for teachers!

      Cindy, now retired from NEISD in San Antonio ... (Instructional Technology Trainer) and

  3. I love these classroom pictures! They are so inspiring.


  4. What AMAZING designs. I am only student teaching but I cannot wait to have my own classroom. I don't think I would ever be able to create something as beautiful as these but they are definitely inspiration :)

  5. Laura,

    Me too! These are great designs! That is so sad that you can't tape or hang anything. Bummer... that would drive me nuts! :)


    Thanks for your feedback. :)

    Miss L,

    I'm sure you will have a beautiful classroom!!



  6. These classroom designs are all unique. Kids would love this place and they will become happier and enjoy while staying this kind of classroom.

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  7. Great article, interior design is so important!

  8. These interior design ideas are perfect for classroom indeed. Implementing these designs will surely make the entire classroom conducive for learning. I just recently moved to one of the Makati apartments for rent last week, and I would love to do some retouches. I hope that you'd also make some apartment interior design ideas. I look forward to reading more of your interior design inspirations.

  9. The third pic is a classroom? Why, it looks more like a dining room in a london rent a flat.

  10. Stunning designs for classrooms! I’m thinking If I can also give my room a make-over like this, and incorporate some chinese jade materials!

  11. I have noticed some of these at la furniture and they were all pretty! I'm actually planning on re-designing our house with this.

  12. I like the second picture, seems like a laboratory room for artists! If all classrooms have the same artsy theme as these residential rental properties have, perhaps it would be more fun in learning!

  13. I love the spotted black and white-themed room you have there. I hope I could also find some of those pieces in the furniture stores orange county that we will be visiting this weekend. I think I'll use the design for my sister's room she will love it!

  14. These are wonderful ideas. We recently scored a property and we are planning on turning it into a daycare/preschool center so these will definitely help. -Bethany

  15. I think that the white sofa should be replaced by wooden chair. The sofa will make the classroom look like a living room.


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