Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Guest Post: Top Ten Creative Online Activities For Your Children

Top Ten Creative Online Activities For Your Children

With the Easter holiday fast approaching and schools up and down the country breaking up, many children are looking for fun activities to do at home. But with the country coming out of a credit crunch, many can cost a small fortune. Whether it is a trip to the zoo or a day out to a football game, it all adds up. With this in mind, many families are tightening their purse strings and choosing activities that are a lot cheaper. So, here are my top five online activities you and your little ones can enjoy in the comfort of your home!
Online Education games for kids
Who said learning has to be confined to the walls of a classroom. Thanks to advancements in technology many children are discovering websites that house educational videos that help build brain power and put a smile on their faces. Online educational games can cover many different subjects and include historical memory games and mathematical football games that are on many consoles and PCs.  
Share Music
A really fun exercise to get your child involved in is sharing and listening to music. My kids regularly use the Spotify app that allows you to share and listen to various playlists. My little one absolutely loves Justin Bieber and Disney songs and so a group of us created a playlist for her titled Fay’s Fun Tunes. She just clicks on the playlist and sits back with her pink headphones and sings till the cows come home. Having to listen to her Top10 Justin Bieber songs on repeat is a small price to pay for seeing her so happy! Thanks to Top 10’s new app, you no longer need to worry about what song to listen to as you can create a playlist for everything. It is also great for education and I have downloaded a rapping times table for my daughter to listen and learn.

Digital Chess Games

Many children enjoy mental arithmetic, but nothing quite beats a digital chess game that incorporates Ancient Egypt with lasers. The mirrored Pharaohs and Pyramids are moved strategically around to avoid getting shot with the laser. This is great for improving your child’s memory and numerical understandings.

Lego Digital Camera

Any kid will tell you that nothing quite beats building blocks. Well, something just did. Lego has recently created a fantastic new digital camera, allowing kids to snap away and capture breathtakingly accurate pictures. Although the camera looks like it has been built from Lego pieces, it cannot be taken apart. However, the pieces on top of the camera are made to scale so you can add real Lego pieces to the top of it, allowing your kids to build into their models.

Who Said Monsters Don’t Make Great Pets?

When you think of pets, it’s usually cats, dogs, hamsters that come to mind….Well thanks to a fantastically cool site called Moshi Monsters, there’s a new pet in town and not the kind you find in dog beds. Before you get scared and head for the hills, relax - this monster is not real and exists only online. Cute, funny and loving, these monsters come in a range of colours and shapes depending on your taste. My child’s monster was a large hairy, blue one called Daniel, named after a family member with an uncanny resemblance.  Although this website is a fun and entertaining platform to use, it also has a serious side as it teaches children to become responsible when looking after a real pet.

Did you enjoy this? Have you got any techie gadgets that your kids like?
Guest Post: by Michael Edmondstone


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