Saturday, March 17, 2012

Dropbox + Pinterest + SMART Exchange for Teachers + Common Core = ClassConnect

Flip your Classroom, Just Store your Favorites, Find Common Core Content, and Share your Lessons

ClassConnect saves me time building lessons so I can focus on engaging & inspiring my students.

Eric and I just finished our first round of presenting this amazing tool to teachers for the first time since his product launched last week.  The positive response was overwhelming.

The credit goes to Eric.  He created an amazing tool for teachers - and he's only 20 years old!  I'm just lucky enough to have been beta testing his site over the summer.  I don't work for ClassConnect.  I just an elementary teacher loving what he's created and enjoying sharing it with others!

I'm happy to announce that both conferences had a packed house when we rolled out ClassConnect.  It was such a wonderful response having teachers so interested in ClassConnect.  Eric had requests to autograph iPads and even posed for photos!  It was surreal!  He is a genius!  It's no wonder Silicon Valley scooped up this young entrepreneur.

{Click Here to sign up for Free for ClassConnect}

Why Should I use ClassConnect

it's free.  it's easy.  saves time lesson planning.  find free resources.  organize all of your stuff.  flip your class.

Not only can you find free, great resources... but you can store them, too!

Why ClassConnect rocks:

- unlike Dropbox you can save everything (web, html, docx, etc...)
- unlike Pinterest you can save files, too!
- like Pinterest, you can 're-pin' or 're-post' by saving other's goodies to your files, too
- like the SMART Exchange you can find free lessons and save them to use
- unlike the SMART Exchange you can organize your SMART lessons with your other related items
- align your lessons and resources with the Common Core
- search for Common Core lessons and resources
- view YouTube videos with NO ads!
- share your lessons and resources with colleagues and students with one click
- upload your own content and flip your classroom
- if you like Teachers Pay Teachers, you'll love the freebies on ClassConnect!
- if you post to Teachers Pay Teachers, you'll love creating a network of followers on ClassConnect for your freebies 

Once you find great resources, tag them with the Common Core and share them publicly!
Then, start searching for content you can use by the Common Core!

ClassConnect saves you time and allows you to easily and effectively flip your classroom.

click play to see a complete 10 minute tutorial showcasing the amazing potential of ClassConnect

Teacher Tip:

Keep in mind, even if you aren't completely flipping your class, you can still use videos and lessons within ClassConnect to 'free up your time' so that you can make it to those small groups you need to meet with.  Even if students can't view content from home, put them on your desktop at school while you work with another small group on a hands-on activity.  Then, switch your groups.  You can even have student groups creating the content via Educreations or Camtasia Studio!

Resources from the Video Above:
 (though it's ten minutes, the video is packed full of ClassConnect features!)

  • click here to make IWB videos with your iPad via Educreations
  • click here to download your free 30 day trial of Camtasia Studio via TechSmith
  • click here to view my ClassConnect content

Sal Khan and The Gates Foundation on Flipping your Classroom recently seen on 60 minutes...

While I use and appreciate Sal Khan and The Khan Academy, I have been disappointed that I've only been able to use the videos by viewing the content.  However, now with ClassConnect, I can put the Khan videos into my files along with all of the supplemental resources and lessons that go with that paticular concept that matches the video.  I'm excited to have one folder that contains the video/lesson, document files/assessment(s), and interactive companion websites.  With Camtasia Studio, I can even create quizzes within my lessons for immediate student feedback.  Of course, I place the Camtasia lessons into ClassConnect as well!!

Want to Create Videos Like Sal Khan? - Try Camtasia Studio!

Enter the Give-Away below (click read more) to WIN Camtasia Studio ($299) to Flip your Class!

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Eric Simons, 20 year old software developer, has created ClassConnect for free for teachers!

You can read Eric's full story here.  His hope is to create one site where teachers can simplify their planning, save time, and engage students.  He is doing this because of an inspirational teacher he had in high school, Ms. Bennett.  If you're a fellow blogger, help spread the word of this great resource by blogging about ClassConnect.  If you're not a blogger, share it with your colleagues via email or Facebook.  Invite colleages after you sign up and get free storage, too!  Most of all, share your content publicly to the site to build the free archives for teachers everywhere - what a great platform... truly a place where teachers collaborate and share for free - so students benefit!

Resources for ClassConnect:

People to follow on ClassConnect: simply 'add colleague'
(add your ClassConnect url as a comment below in this post!)

*Be sure to claim your ClassConnect url when you sign up for a free account.*

    Recent Blog Posts about ClassConnect:

    Be sure your entered above for a chance to WIN a free Camtasia Studio software license!


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      2. Thanks Erin! I joined last week when you sent out the email but I didn't really get what it was all about. I needed this post :)

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      3. Thanks!! :)

        Be sure to check out the video demo/tutorial:

        That will help a lot. I know it's long, but it was my best attempt to record and keep the kiddos quiet while doing it. :) There is just so much the site is capable of... I got excited showing off all of the features!!

        Thanks for the feedback. Would you mind doing a post about it to on your site? The more teachers that know about it and start posting content, the better. Plus, think of the TpT people sharing their freebies and getting a network on ClassConnect, too - how cool!


        I am exploring the site now.


      6. I LOVE it LOVE it I can't believe how easy it is to upload and label your files!!! It's amazing!! I can't wait to play with it more today. I will definitely blog about it this week!! Thanks Melissa

      7. I can't believe how easy this is to use. I will use this to organize all my files! Yes!

      8. Can't wait to get in and really try this new site. Thanks for letting us know about it!

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        Thanks so much for the information about ClassConnect...I am so excited about using this amazing program and in moving my classroom towards a Flipped Classroom. Thank you, too, for this awesome opportunity!!

      10. Hey!

        I am so excited to try this site. I am a bit concerned about one thing in the terms of service. One of the terms for teacher's states: (pulled directly from the classconnect terms of service page)

        (i) You represent and warrant that you have permission from your school and/or district to enter into this Agreement and to use the Services as part of your curriculum. You further represent and warrant that you are entering into this Agreement on behalf of your school and/or district, and that you have authority to bind your school and/or district to the terms of this Agreement.

        As a teacher, is it okay for me to go ahead and sign up?

      11. Erin, Thank you for your post. I signed up today...

        I'm wondering about the rules for posting. If I post a document (perhaps a freebie from a blogger) in one of my folders for there a usage concern? Is there fine print like there is on Pinterest?

        The Write Handed Teacher

        1. Hi Kitty - Eric (dev of CC) here :) It depends on the license associated with that document - most of the time they just require you to put a link in the description back to their site!

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      13. Nevermind, question was answered!!

        I am signed up at

      14. I signed up for class connect.

      15. Signed up last week! ClassConnect looks like just what I need!

      16. This looks amazing! I can't wait to explore even more :)
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      17. I signed up and am going to tell all of my colleagues!