Friday, February 10, 2012

Save Time With the Volunteer List

As educators, there are often many things that pop up in our day to day careers that don't truly fall under the "teaching" umbrella.  Organzing volunteers would fall into that category as something that is necessary, but doesn't directly influence learning. 

The help of parents and family members whether it's for a party, to read to the kids, or simply to provide supplies, is always appreciated but can often end up with mismatched items, hurt feelings, and confusion.  If a teacher sends home a sign-up list, they end up with duplicates and missing items.  If they send an email, there are multiple emails back and forth, and teachers have to make determinations on things like who signed up for cookies first or how many parents can be at the Halloween Party.  It takes the fun out of the fun when somebody has to be told "no" or change their item, and can occasionally cause issues between parents.

In an effort to make this process easier, David Butler, a husband of a Kindergarten teacher, created The Volunteer List for this wife.  After seeing it in action, her co-workers asked for their own versions.  Now, you can get your own version as well.

The Volunteer List is an easy and cheap way (just 99¢ per event) to coordinate donations, events, conferences, parties, meetings and volunteer times with your room moms, students and fellow teachers. After registering with The Volunteer List you will be given a personal site address ( to give out to your group. All you need to do is distribute the URL and they will handle the rest. No registration is required from your group and filling out the sign-up form is fast!

Your event will be available for 60 days after registration and will be saved on The Volunteer List's server for future use, that means you won't have to create a new list every time!

As a special promotion with Kleinspiration, The Volunteer List is offering your first five lists at no charge.  Just use this link to register

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  1. I recommend Sign-up Genius for the same function. It's very easy to use for diverse purposes. I used it to have parents sign up for beginning of the year conference times. I have also used it for class parties. You can personalize the template you choose and pick a decorative theme. Plus, you can schedule the site to send automatic reminder emails to the people who sign up! Accounts are free.