Thursday, February 23, 2012

19 Pencils: Save your favorite online content!

19Pencils Tutorial from 19 Pencils on Vimeo

19Pencils is the easiest way for teachers to discover, share and 
manage web‐based educational content with students. 

19 Pencils set out to simplify and improve access to online content in the classroom and at home.  What started out as a way for teachers to list their favorite educational websites quickly and easily has turned into an educational ecosystem that combines search, social bookmarking, online assessments, internet monitoring, and social media engagement.  See for yourself during during this 90 second tutorial.


  1. How do you find this different than ClassConnect?

    Lifelong Learning

    1. I think the big difference right now is that 19Pencils is focused on searching for content, whereas we're focused on building the best way to store/collaborate content. We're launching a search engine Sunday night, though, so now you'll be able to discover, store and share content all from the same place ;)

      PS - I'm the developer behind

    2. Thanks, Eric! I am excited to see what you come up with next.

      Lifelong Learning