Saturday, January 21, 2012

Giveaway: Changing Kids' Lives One Quote At a Time

What we're giving away?

2 copies of the Inspirational Character book Changing Kids' Lives One Quote At a Time by Steve Reifman

What is it?

An inspirational book which helps develop great habits in our students and children.  This book is wonderful for both students and parents alike, and includes key teaching points following the inspirational quote.

What a great way to think creatively and promote positive environments!

How do you enter for this give away?
2 simple steps

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More about this product...

Changing Kids' Lives provides a very easy to use, straight forward approach for anybody interested in building charcter within today's children.  Teachers, coaches, and parents will all likely find the quotes highly inspirational, and Reifman's suggested talking points are great conversation starters for children.

I've personally found that a great way to use this book for a parent is to simply draw a page number at random, and have a family member read it at the dinner table.  Each quote leads to an inherent set of questions: "What did you think they meant" "How does this relate to you" etc.  After everybody discusses, you can read the remainder of Reifman's page in which he discusses points of emphasis.

In the classroom, you can do the exact same thing, and work it into part of your daily routine when you do calendar, weather, etc.  Each quote and talking point is less than one page, and is very straight forward focusing on common themes including health, wellness, attitude, and self-discipline.  Once you have established a routine, it is very easy to use this tool on a daily basis.

Reifman has several other works available on his website, some of which are pictured below:

For those of you interested in purchasing this book, please visit the author's site here
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