Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Introducing "Evernote for Education" via Citelighter - Never Write Another Bibliography

Find, capture, organize, and cite information from anywhere on the web.  
Never write another bibliography again!


How can Citelighter help my students?

After students highlight and grab the information they'd like to use, they can add personal comments below their pasted material they just grabbed. I especially believe in this feature because students can add their thoughts as they're working. Reading is thinking. Thus, as they're brainstorming and pulling information together, they're able to include personal reflections along the way. All of this information is safely placed into the Citelighter website. Now, you never have to hear "I left my flashdrive at home" or "I know I emailed it to you...." Everything is accessible in the cloud!

Citelighter is like the Evernote of Education!

Citelighter is Free for Everyone.  You can upgrade to a Pro account.


The first 40 people to sign up get a Pro account for Free.  

Follow these simple steps to begin your stress free journey to learning:
The first 40 to sign up get upgraded to a FREE Pro account!
  1. click here to sign up for free (select the green 'get started' button)
  2. complete the short form: your email and password
 - be sure to answer the question "How did you learn about Citelighter"
-  answer "From a Blog" and under that prompt... type in TBA
-  first 40 users will be upgraded to a Pro account!!!

Read more about Citelighter on Teaching Blog Addict by clicking here.


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