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Printable New Year's Hat Craft for Kids

Create a New Year's Eve Hat for your Kids

I knew when I wanted a cute craft idea for New Year's that I should go straight to DLTK.  Of course, I found a few cute ideas for tonight.  My family is staying home this year to ring in the New Year; however, this craft idea is so simple that it can be prepared and left for a babysitter, too.  What a great project to keep the kiddo's busy and engaged while you're out to dinner or such.

The directions are posted clearly on their site.

A simple construction paper 'hat' the kids have fun making, decorating and wearing!


  • white or black construction paper
  • 2 pipe cleaners (we used sparkly gold ones, but any color would work)
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • tape
  • tissue paper (we used gold, but silver, black or white would be great too)
  • thread (we used black)


  • Print template of choice
  • Color as necessary (if using the B&W version)
  • Cut out the template pieces
  • OR freehand cut 4 stars or clocks from construction paper
  • Cut 2 or 3 strips of construction paper about 4" wide and as long as you can make them
  • Tape the pieces end to end to make a really long piece.
  • Wrap around the child's head to measure how long you need and trim off the excess (don't tape into a circle yet).
  • Make 5 or 6 tissue paper flowers and tape to the front of the crown:
    • stack 3 or 4 squares of tissue paper on top of each other (size should be about 4"x4")
    • fan fold (accordion fold) the tissue paper
    • tie tightly in the center with a piece of thread
    • separate the layers one at a time
    • roll a piece of scotch tape to attach the flower to the front of the crown (long construction paper strip)
  • Wrap the pipecleaner around a pencil to make a 'spring' with it. An adult can wrap the first couple loops and then hand it over to the child to finish.
  • Straighten about 1/2 inch of the top and bottom of the spring (so it's easier to do the taping).
  • Repeat with the other pipecleaner.
  • Tape a star or clock onto the top of each pipecleaner. Flip over and glue or tape the 3rd and 4th shape onto the back of the 1st and 2nd (to sandwich the pipecleaner in between the shapes)
  • Tape both pipecleaners to the long piece of construction paper so they either sit at the front of the head or the sides of the head
  • Tape the construction paper ends together to form a crown and put it on!
I'd like to credit their site's creative sharing, so please click here to get the free printable
 activities in either black and white or in color.  It's that simple!

They have tons of other crafty ideas for New Year's, too... just click here!

Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

3 Stylus Pens for 85 cents! OMG!

3 Pack of Universal Touch Screen Stylus Pen (Red + Black + Silver)

So, yes, I am an affiliate of Amazon... and I don't make it a habit of promoting products through my blog; however, today I am making an exception.  It would be wrong not to.  I don't even care if you link through me to get this great deal... I just HAD to share it because it's too great!

I was looking for a Stylus to use for my iPad - mainly because I want to start creating lessons via Educreations.  I want my handwriting to be neat.  My fingers are too wide for fine handwriting.  Plus, I'd like my kids to get in the habit of using a stylus to avoid the fingerprints.

I was SO amazed to find a pack of 3 Stylus Pens available for 85 cents!  

you save $29.14

I'm ordering a few... great thank you gifts for colleagues!

Click Here to See this Deal and Get Your Universal Stylus Pens

Image Credit:

Or for $7.53, you can get the sassy Pink Stylus to match your iPad cover
they have lime green, too.  Just click here to see it on Amazon!

SMART Table Interactive Games

SMART Technologies has great activities using the SMART Table

Many of us use some sort of IWB, interactive white board, in our classroom.  I've been fascinated with what the SMART Table can do for younger children.  I subscribe to the SMART YouTube Channel and have been impressed with the resources they share using the SMART Table.

Here is a great article TechCrunch did introducing the SMART Table.

While visiting the SMART website, I saw that you can also do interactive storytelling with the table.  You can even get pre-made activities and lessons to use on the table via the SMART Exchange - for free.  If you'd like, you can even join the use group to collaborate with other users and exchange ideas, ask questions, and get creative feedback.  

While I teach second grade, I don't see this being much of an asset to our seven and eight year olds; however, I know that my three year old would love this piece of technology.

Do any of you use a SMART Table or have any experience with one?

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Best of 2011 via Edutopia

The Best of Edutopia 2011 Resources

This year, I was fortunate to be a guest blogger for Edutopia.  You can read my post here.  I'm always amazed by the quality resources their team puts together.  I highly recommend viewing their e-newsletter and becoming a subscriber yourself.  Their resources are always superb and meaningful to your practice.  Click here to enjoy their final newsletter of 2011.  Click here to connect to their site.

Shop the Kleinspiration Teacher Store

Launching our Teacher Store

Come check out the Kleinspiration Teaching Store

We are adding new products daily and weekly, so be sure to check in often for all of your grade level and content area needs.  If there are products you'd like to see, we can create those for you.  We have a team of product designers who are here to help!  We firmly believe in teachers helping teachers.  When we support each other, we all win.  

Please grab our store button on the right side bar to place on your site, too.

Kleinspiration Teacher Store

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If you're a Kleinspiration friend, please take a moment to complete the brief form below so that we can best suit your shopping needs in our teaching store.

Please help our store grow and answer the few questions below.  They're anonymous.

Please click here to see my post on TBA, too.

Mind Mapping Made Easy: MindMaple

MindMaple is a great tool for mindmapping, a non-linear approach to thought production and brainstorming.  For a limited time, MindMaple is offering 50% off their standard rates.  Please watch the short video below to see how MindMaple can modernize your brainstorms. 

For more information, please see my review on MindMaple at Teaching Blog Addict.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Tune in Live with the man behind Waiting for Superman... Mr. Geoffrey Canada

Click Here to Read my Full Post on Teaching Blog Addict

The event is Wednesday, December 28, 2011.

12 Most Popular Education Articles of 2011 via Teach Hub

Click Here to Check out 12 Amazing Articles from 2011.

Overwhelming Response on Office Design

I've received a lot of comments from my two posts:

Many have contacted me through my contact form wondering where to purchase this desk.  I was quite excited to find it through Hayneedle; however, I also found it on Amazon for the same price $149.  The table looks quite nice, and it was so simple to put together - I actually did it myself... and I'm not handy at all.  

You can see I have quite a large monitor on top, and the table is still very sturdy.  I enjoy working in comfort.  That is why we moved our desk and moved in a couch.  Of course, I had to get a new table to complete the new design.  I didn't want to spend a lot, but I did want the new table to serve a purpose and to look nice.  The table top also goes all the way down to look like a regular table, too.  The inside serves as storage space for regular desk items.

If you're interested in seeing more on this table, you can check it out on my
Amazon Affiliates link by clicking here... enjoy!

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Twitter Resources via Smashing Apps

I'm often asked about Twitter resources, so when I ran across this post via Smashing Apps, I wanted to share it.  They've created an extensive and well organized list of 50 Power Tools and Applications to make your life easier with Twitter.  It's been a big help to me - great for novice or advanced.  Something for all Tweeters!

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Give-Away: Educational Insights Gift

Educational Insights Puppet Give-Away

I was so excited to receive this awesome holiday gift in the mail from Educational Insights.

Watch the short video below to see how you can use the Puppet on a Stick.

If you're interested in this Give-Away, fill out the short form below.

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Discovery Kids Announces Puterbugs for Online Safety - ages 8 and under!

The first website to teach young children ages 8 and younger today's most important computer skills!

The latest national studies show kids 8 and younger accumulate staggering amounts of digital media per day. With all this screen time, most kids are just plugged into playing games and apps. Puterbugs is a refreshing new website designed to teach kids healthy ways to use technology as a tool, not just a toy.

With a "modern-day Mr. Rogers" virtual teacher, and a set of Puterbugs for each letter of the keyboard, the program is a unique collaboration between the largest provider of technology education at Imagine Tomorrow, and the experts at Discovery Kids (Discovery Channel).

With all the tech gadgets that parents buy kids this holiday season, there's no better time to maximize that investment by teaching healthy tech habits start early.

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An Ecosystem Resource for Teaching

Discover Ecosystems with this Comprehensive Website

I recently made a website devoted to the study of ecosystems - good for 1st - 4th.  There are 8 total pages to the website consisting of the following areas of study:

  • home page
  • types of organisms
  • relationships of organisms
  • interactions organisms have
  • assessment
  • enrichment and literacy connections
  • blog
  • interactive support
The site truly is rich in content and interactive features.  Pages include elements that you can print documents from such as: vocabulary worksheets, exit slips, and checklists.  There are built in Jeopardy games, PowerPoint Presentations, Interactive Websites and Games, YouTube Streaming Segments (with no ads or unnecessary information), and more!

Click Here to View this Item in the Kleinspiration Store

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Win Cash For Your School via Airy Labs!!

Airy Labs is thrilled to present Mini Word to download on the iOS and Android platforms for free until Christmas Day! This fun and interactive vocabulary game will help kids learn words in seven increasingly challenging levels based on teacher recommendations from kindergarten through Grade 6! Shake and tilt your mobile device while spelling and learning the definitions of over 220,000 words! Increase your spelling speed and accuracy as the balls drop faster and faster as you level up! Our cartoon cat is always ready to give you hints and the definition of every word is available to you with a touch of your finger.

Plus, right now - there's a Contest... Win $100 (to any online store - you pick!)
click here to enter

From the Airy Labs site:
By downloading any or all of our 7 free educational apps, friend and review us on Facebook.  Our games are for students ages 5-100, so post a review and become a fan at Facebook! Feel free to be as detailed as possible. We may include your feedback on our site too, so sign the post with your first name, title, school name, and state. Please also email us a notification with your name, school, and state. You must email us as well as be a Facebook fan of Airy Labs to be eligible.

To recap... How do You get this $100?

1. Download the 7 Free Edu Apps (click the 7 pictures)
2. 'Like' AiryLabs on Facebook (click here)
3. Leave a comment on your Facebook wall about this contest
4. Leave a comment on the Airy Labs blog that you're entered (click here)

For more details about these wonderful apps and the contest, please see my full post over at Teaching Blog Addict.

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It's been a Great Week!

First, I'd like to wish you all a Happy Holiday! 

What a great year Kleinspiration has had in 2011... and we're ending in a super way...

Thanks to YOU!

Kleinspiration was awarded Top 5 in the Edublog 2011 Awards for Best New Blog
click here to view all of the winners

Kleinspiration launched the opening of our Teacher Store
click here to view and shop

My monthly post was published in Really Good Stuff for December.
click here to view the article

My article was featured on the EdTech Site, Edudemic
click here to read the full piece

I was accepted to present this summer at the annual ISTE Conference in San Diego!

I'll be presenting with:

And... Kleinspiration Started a Monthly Newsletter!
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Edublog 2011 Awards: Best New Blog

Kleinspiration Named Top 5 Winner in the Edublog 2011 Awards

Thank you all so much for your support.  I was honored to be nominated for this amazing award - let alone to come in top five with the thousands of votes pouring in for this contest.  

I'm also excited that another blog I write for, Teaching Blog Addict, also received the top five award for best group blog.  We have almost 100 of the best K-6 contributing elementary authors from all over the world sharing their practice daily.  TBA is one of the highest ranking edublogs according to

Happy Holidays - thanks again for being so supportive!!

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Cornering the Market by: Barbara Gruener

 A Guest Post by Barbara Gruener

Howdy! It’s Barbara from the Corner on Character, bringing congratulations to Erin for
her well-deserved honor in the Edublog Awards. I’m bubbling over with gratitude to have
a spot on her amazing blog! Although I’m in my 27th year as an educator working as a
school counselor at a National School of Character in Texas, I totally feel like a newbie
online. After almost a year, however, this digital foreigner is feeling more and more
adept at maneuvering through the Blogosphere. I’ve learned SO much from the engaging
lessons and authentic activities that you’ve all been sharing. I even got my own blog
button thanks to Sylvia at Learning With Mrs. Parker!


So what’s the story behind The Corner? A family round table with the Parker Brothers
card game PIT actually sparked the idea for my blog last Christmas. This fast-paced
frenzy finds its players trading grain cards in a blind handoff until someone gets all nine
cards with the same grain. But beware: There’s also a Bear card that you want to avoid
and a Bull card that can act as a Wild to work toward your advantage if you play your
cards right. Anyway, it was during one of these loud and chaotic stock-market sessions
that I got to thinking about what the game – and ultimately life – would look like if we
were cornering the market on character instead of stocks. What commodities would we
be trading? Respect instead of Rye? Caring instead of Corn? Wisdom instead of Wheat?
Fairness instead of Flax? Optimism instead of Oats? What things, like the Bear, might
we need to avoid? Who are the people, like the Bull, that can add value to our hand?

That’s when it occurred to me that I should showcase people and experiences that corner
the market on character, and my blog was born. At first, I posted my stories, anecdotes
and activity ideas through my school’s website, but I discovered Blogger this summer
– YAY! Since then, I’ve posted almost every single day, stories about compassion
and charity, beauty and bounty, friendship and feelings. I’ve also written activities and
lessons on trustworthiness, kindness, and respect as well as book reviews and service-
learning project ideas. I’m always on the lookout now for something to share that will
positively influence or inspire. If you need an idea for your character building, come on
by the Corner on Character and surf for a spell.

Thanks again, Erin; write on!

Common Core Standards for Second Grade

The OC Blog Button

Common Core Teaching Packets from Charity Preston

I'd like to introduce a new product from my good friend, Charity at The Organized Classroom Blog.

This lesson pack contains everything you will need to teach, track, and display the Common Core State Standards for Grade Two!  This is a HUGE pack and includes pretty much all you need to focus your instruction throughout the school year!  Want to see more?  Here is a video that she created that gives you more ideas for how to use the materials:

With over 150 pages, it includes the following:

  • A customizable Word Doc template that can be used to create your lesson plans.  It includes the annotated standards in the document, so you may easily highlight which you are focusing on for that week instead of having to retype it weekly
  • If you already have a lesson plan template you prefer, you can utilize the one-page annotated checklist which you can then just attach to your current plans
  • A complete list (including annotated references) of the CCSS, along with a column for entering in the date taught
  • Individualized Student checklist of the standards in a simpler student-preferred "I Can" format which can be placed into a data folder for assessment and tracking of skills mastered
  • Skill ring cards for each of the standards can be added and placed onto an o-ring as students master specific standards so they are able to visually see their growth throughout the year
  • "I Can" posters to display and discuss in your classroom
  • Individual "I Can" posters to display the daily objectives
Charity has so many items to offer.  Please be sure to check out her teaching store by clicking here.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Featured EduBlogger: Analia Capurro

Hi! My name is Analia Capurro. I am the designer and owner of Ingles360® and the author of all the educational resources I sell in this website.  After 20 years of teaching children, I found that the only way our children love learning is if we love learning and teaching, too. 

Promoting a learning environment where laugh, fun and friendship and companionship are as important as any language structure, are the things I had in mind while designed my resources.

Ingles360 was born with a desire of sharing experiences, tips, ideas that work and great moments with teachers, mothers and friends all around the globe.

Today teachers from the USA, Indonesia, Canada, the Uk, Australia, Mexico,Italy, Spain, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, China, Germany, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Japan, and from every Argentinian province meet in Ingles360 to share experiences and great resources. I am glad you are part of Ingles360! Hope you enjoy my resources as much as I enjoyed creating them!

I want to promote the Christmas event I am hosting in my blog. I called it Count down to Christmouse - It is a freebie a day month, for example today's freebie - click here!

Guest Post: Connect Technology to Education by Tim L. Cooley

Connect Technology to Education

Technology provides a clear advantage for teachers who are looking to educate, uplift, and
instruct students. In 2005, before eReaders were available, a father turned to the internet to
create a digital system to distribute his comic books as “eComics.” In less than a year, the
story reached over 60 countries. This eComic gave schools and teachers free comics to help
teach and encourage students to read. Today, brilliant minds continue to pioneer new areas by
using technology to connect with education, creating a plethora of powerful tools.

Databases and r esour ces sites. One of the common uses of educational technology is online
resources for teachers and parents to communicate. The sharing of ideas, the creations of
communities encouraging cooperation and collaboration and the building of networked
resources are a simple, yet effective way to deliver tools to those in need. A brilliant example
of this is Teaching Resources.

Inter active Contests. The Play 60 Super Bowl Contest combines popular sports, sports
figures and a contest with great prizes. Created to encourage and educate kids on the benefits
of staying active, this online contest holds children accountable. When a child commits to
active physical play for 60 minutes each day, they are also required to report in by answering
two questions. Their work pays off - the winners get to go to the Super Bowl.

Suppor t Softwar e. Even the best teachers can use a hand from time to time: streamlining
lessons, keeping track of students, their needs and achievements, grades and the list goes on.
LearnBoost, one of the best examples, also happens to be free. LearnBoost keeps track of
meaningful data, organizes it and updates it automatically. This software helps teachers keep
students on track, using the scoring methodology and even allows parents access to see their
child's progression.

Educational Apps. Apps for the iPhone, iPad and iPad Touch have skyrocketed over the
past few years. Companies are now seeing the incredible potential for edutainment through
mobile applications and the most impressive is Fingerprint, “the first mobile learning and
play networks for kids and their grown-ups.” For example, kids can learn math by playing a
firefighter or learn your numbers, colors, letters and shapes by being a veterinarian. The fact
is, with app interaction, learning has never been so much fun.

We now live in a society where our youth can’t remember a time without technology.
They easily grasp concepts and naturally utilize technology in everyday functions. This is
why connecting technology to education is so critical. By doing so, we can help children
strengthen their creativity skills, as well as improve their memory and understanding.

Tim works in online marketing for He understands the value of using
technology as a tool in education. If you would like to learn more about Tim follow him on
Twitter @TimLCooley.

iTouch Gloves: on my wish list!

I love my new iTouch Gloves!

I wanted to share a super cute holiday gift with all of my virtual friends.

Enjoy the short video I put together and see how well these gloves work.

Now, you can stay warm and use your iPad, iPod, iPhone... so brilliant and affordable.

The PERFECT stocking stuffer this season.

Click here to get your iTouch Gloves now through Amazon!

Many Colors Available!

Toast your Teacher: by Electrokite

Let's celebrate teachers this Holiday Season! We are asking you and everyone you know to toast a teacher that inspired you. Post the teacher’s name, and a memory of when they really made a difference in your life, to the Toast Your Teacher Event Page. Then pass the message along by inviting your friends and family to do the same.

Also, for current teachers, check this out:
Electrokite creates easy to use interactive learning solutions that are fun, engaging, and effective for everyone.

Give-Away Winners Announced!

Lakeshore Learning Materials $25 Gift Card Winner

Congrats to Brianne - click here for the original post.

Learning Resources Talk Blocks Winner

Congrats to Jennifer - click here for the original post.

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Are You Traveling with Kids this Holiday?

 Think Safe, Ride Safe, Be Safe with Chuggington!

The holiday season is one of the busiest times of the year for family travel. From visiting relatives out of state to driving to the mall to shop for gifts, families are constantly in and out of the car and on the move. So, there’s no better time than now to remember how important it is to pay extra attention to traffic hazards at home and on the road.

This year, parents can teach their children how to stay safe on the roads by joining the more than 150,000 children who have taken the Traffic Safety Pledge as part of the ‘Think Safe, Ride Safe, Be Safe!’ traffic safety program, which provides families with important traffic safety resources. Developed by NHTSA, the nation’s trusted source of traffic safety information, and the creators of Chuggington, the popular preschool television series, the campaign includes tip sheets, traffic safety games, an activity book, coloring sheets, a PSA currently airing on Disney Junior and more.

Click Here to Get your Games, Activities, Coloring Sheets, and More
as seen on Disney Junior

Holiday Traffic Safety Tips
  • The holidays are a busy time at shopping malls -- especially parking lots. Drivers should be on alert for small children when reversing out of a parking space. Parents should never leave children unattended near an open trunk, where they can get trapped.

  • While winter clothes keep children warm, they can also interfere with the proper harness fit of a child in a car seat. Parents must make sure to place blankets around their child after they fasten the harness.

  • Last-minute shopping can be stressful and rushed. Parents should never leave infants or young children unattended in a vehicle—even if the windows are partly open or the engine is running.

  • Remember to always buckle up! Not only is it the law - it could help save your life.

  • Play it safe and check your local news source for up-to-the-minute traffic information and weather conditions of the interstates and roads you will be traveling.

Last but not least, make it fun! Heading out on a 'road trip' to Grandma's? Pack an assortment of age appropriate holiday music, DVDs (like The Chugger Championship) and travel games to make your trip fun for the entire family!

My three year old, Jacob, loves playing on the Safety Website - free and fun!


Earn points by playing games to get your safety badge...

...and answer important safety questions along the way!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Looking Back on 2011

With the end of the year rapidly approaching, I thought it would be interesting to take a moment and reflect upon the first year of Kleinspiration and see what has worked best for our audience.  With that in mind, I’ve put together a brief list of Kleinspiration’s most viewed posts for 2011.  If you’ve missed any of these posts, it’s a great time to take a look and see what you’re missing. 

It is incredibly gratifying that this post has become so popular.  The movement towards use of iPads in the classroom is very close to my heart, and the work that my students Bradley and Jarrod put into this video was nothing short of amazing.  I’m so excited that it was so well received.  Of the 300 posts presented on Kleinspiration this year, this one is my absolute favorite.

One of the very first Kleinspiration posts, this article showcases is a fantastic site that teachers have free access to.  Jill Brandeberry and I used this tool with our middle school social studies classes in 2011.  The site allows you to create a class and give your students access to relevant news that is interesting for their level. 

Tweet Tweet Tweet!!!  Any teachers who may be still a bit concerned about jumping into the Twitter waters, please check out this post for a simple walk-through on how to ease into Twitter

Lots and lots of great tools plus a fantastic presentation attached here from Mr. Tom Barrett, a Kleinspiration favorite.

If you have an iPad, you want Flash.  Learn how here.  The title really says it all on this one.

The most frequently viewed page on Kleinspiration was Tiny Tech Tips detailing the journey of two teachers working together from different grade levels to integrate technology into primary classrooms, ultimately leading to the birth of Kleinspiration, and coming full circle this past weekend as my daughter Riley was able to present some Tiny Tech Tips of her own at Eastern Michigan University's Workshop on Digital Writing and the Common Core.

Breaking News: Today - Educreations Launches New iPad App and Turns Your iPad Into an Interactive Whiteboard

Available for the first time ever today, the new iPad app from Educreations will transform teaching.  Using this app will turn your iPad into an interactive whiteboard, and allow you to plan, create, and share lessons in far less time than before.  With this amazing app, the act of recording a video lesson and posting it to the web is significantly easier and less time consuming for teachers, and allows for educators to create beautiful plans in less time, with a product that is fast, fun, and easy to use.

Educreations brings your science lesson to life

Educreations founded in 2010 by Wade Roberts and Chris Streeter, and backed by Imagine K12, has a clear goal of giving all students access to the world's best teachers.  To that end, they've made it simple, fun, and fast for you to record whiteboard video tutorials and share them online.  The breakthrough features of this app are highly intuitive to use and make lessons look great.  Lessons can also be enhanced by using the iPad features to add pictures from the iPad Photo Library or a Dropbox account, or by snapping photos with the iPad's camera.
All lessons are hosted on, where teachers can choose to share them privately with their own students or publicly so anyone can view them. Lessons can also be embedded on a blog and shared via Facebook or Twitter.  How amazing is that?  You can basically put your lesson anywhere using this app. 

Educreations Lesson Library

Teachers can use the app to:
- provide students with worked example problems
- help students catch up after missing class
- flip their classrooms, allowing students to watch lectures before class
- allow students to create lessons and teach each other
- let parents see how they've taught a topic
- tutor students remotely
- diagram sports plays

Math lesson in Educreations

There are quite a few features that separate this app from its competition with similar apps.  The ability to create multi-page lessons and integrate dropbox are key factors setting this app apart from it's class.  Technology to undo, redo, move, resize, rotate, all while recording, are enhanced features that replicate working in a common office software.  Teachers are also able to add individual features, such as student roster specific logins, and Q&A sessions hosted via Educreations.  Teachers are also able to share their lessons once completed privately, to a group, or to the world.  Educreations also includes technology that will save a student's preferences, similar to a movie or music website, and make suggestions for learning that is appropriate to meet the student's needs 
You can find this awesome product in the App Store, and you can also find Educreations on Twitter or Facebook

Oh yeah... did I mention that it's free!  Click here to download for free and get started!