Monday, November 19, 2012

Magic Santa Sends Personalized Video Letters!

Magic Santa allows your child to receive a personalized video greeting!

This is, by far, the best letter from Santa I've seen.  I was so surprised to receive a letter from Santa in my email.  My sister tipped me off that perhaps I should check my email (she had a feeling he'd sent a cool letter to my kids, Riley and Jacob).  I'm sharing with you the letter that Jacob received.  

Here is how it works... 
I received an email with a link.  I clicked the link, pushed play and the video began.

Santa opened the drawer for Michigan, where we live!

He reached into his magical drawer...

and pulled out Jacob's card! 
(you should have seen Jacob's face)

Then, Santa inserts the card into his magical machine.

Instantly, images of Jacob's sister and his family appear as Santa mentions how good he's been.

Finally, the machine sends out a special, magical, and personalized ornament.  

Santa hangs the special ornament onto his very own tree.

Click Here to Create your Own Magical Letter!

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  1. Wow, what fun! I bet he loved it. I will certainly have to pass this on since my kids (pets) really wouldn't appreciate it :-)

    Thanks for sharing

  2. Have you seen Portable North Pole?
    It's a great Santa video site that I've used the past two years. I'm headed over to check out this new one that you shared right now :)

    Fun In First

  3. Thank you so much for sharing! I made one for my class and can't wait to show them this week!
    Now I will make one for my duaghter. She is a bit old for this, but I know she will like it anyway!

  4. Heather - cute... our pets use to be our kiddies, too.

    Jodi - I'm excited to check that site out. Thanks.

    Your class will love this... my daughter is seven and loved it, too. :)

    Happy Holidays,


  5. I can't get the Santa video link to come up. Any suggestions?

  6. I can't get the link to work either. =(

  7. I did this last year for my son, who was 5 years old at the time, and he LOVED it! He thought it was so cool that Santa knew his name. :)

  8. The link should work now.

    Thanks Heather! The kids do get such a big kick out of it. :)