Monday, December 19, 2011

Guest Post: Connect Technology to Education by Tim L. Cooley

Connect Technology to Education

Technology provides a clear advantage for teachers who are looking to educate, uplift, and
instruct students. In 2005, before eReaders were available, a father turned to the internet to
create a digital system to distribute his comic books as “eComics.” In less than a year, the
story reached over 60 countries. This eComic gave schools and teachers free comics to help
teach and encourage students to read. Today, brilliant minds continue to pioneer new areas by
using technology to connect with education, creating a plethora of powerful tools.

Databases and r esour ces sites. One of the common uses of educational technology is online
resources for teachers and parents to communicate. The sharing of ideas, the creations of
communities encouraging cooperation and collaboration and the building of networked
resources are a simple, yet effective way to deliver tools to those in need. A brilliant example
of this is Teaching Resources.

Inter active Contests. The Play 60 Super Bowl Contest combines popular sports, sports
figures and a contest with great prizes. Created to encourage and educate kids on the benefits
of staying active, this online contest holds children accountable. When a child commits to
active physical play for 60 minutes each day, they are also required to report in by answering
two questions. Their work pays off - the winners get to go to the Super Bowl.

Suppor t Softwar e. Even the best teachers can use a hand from time to time: streamlining
lessons, keeping track of students, their needs and achievements, grades and the list goes on.
LearnBoost, one of the best examples, also happens to be free. LearnBoost keeps track of
meaningful data, organizes it and updates it automatically. This software helps teachers keep
students on track, using the scoring methodology and even allows parents access to see their
child's progression.

Educational Apps. Apps for the iPhone, iPad and iPad Touch have skyrocketed over the
past few years. Companies are now seeing the incredible potential for edutainment through
mobile applications and the most impressive is Fingerprint, “the first mobile learning and
play networks for kids and their grown-ups.” For example, kids can learn math by playing a
firefighter or learn your numbers, colors, letters and shapes by being a veterinarian. The fact
is, with app interaction, learning has never been so much fun.

We now live in a society where our youth can’t remember a time without technology.
They easily grasp concepts and naturally utilize technology in everyday functions. This is
why connecting technology to education is so critical. By doing so, we can help children
strengthen their creativity skills, as well as improve their memory and understanding.

Tim works in online marketing for He understands the value of using
technology as a tool in education. If you would like to learn more about Tim follow him on
Twitter @TimLCooley.


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