Monday, December 12, 2011

Breaking News: Today - Educreations Launches New iPad App and Turns Your iPad Into an Interactive Whiteboard

Available for the first time ever today, the new iPad app from Educreations will transform teaching.  Using this app will turn your iPad into an interactive whiteboard, and allow you to plan, create, and share lessons in far less time than before.  With this amazing app, the act of recording a video lesson and posting it to the web is significantly easier and less time consuming for teachers, and allows for educators to create beautiful plans in less time, with a product that is fast, fun, and easy to use.

Educreations brings your science lesson to life

Educreations founded in 2010 by Wade Roberts and Chris Streeter, and backed by Imagine K12, has a clear goal of giving all students access to the world's best teachers.  To that end, they've made it simple, fun, and fast for you to record whiteboard video tutorials and share them online.  The breakthrough features of this app are highly intuitive to use and make lessons look great.  Lessons can also be enhanced by using the iPad features to add pictures from the iPad Photo Library or a Dropbox account, or by snapping photos with the iPad's camera.
All lessons are hosted on, where teachers can choose to share them privately with their own students or publicly so anyone can view them. Lessons can also be embedded on a blog and shared via Facebook or Twitter.  How amazing is that?  You can basically put your lesson anywhere using this app. 

Educreations Lesson Library

Teachers can use the app to:
- provide students with worked example problems
- help students catch up after missing class
- flip their classrooms, allowing students to watch lectures before class
- allow students to create lessons and teach each other
- let parents see how they've taught a topic
- tutor students remotely
- diagram sports plays

Math lesson in Educreations

There are quite a few features that separate this app from its competition with similar apps.  The ability to create multi-page lessons and integrate dropbox are key factors setting this app apart from it's class.  Technology to undo, redo, move, resize, rotate, all while recording, are enhanced features that replicate working in a common office software.  Teachers are also able to add individual features, such as student roster specific logins, and Q&A sessions hosted via Educreations.  Teachers are also able to share their lessons once completed privately, to a group, or to the world.  Educreations also includes technology that will save a student's preferences, similar to a movie or music website, and make suggestions for learning that is appropriate to meet the student's needs 
You can find this awesome product in the App Store, and you can also find Educreations on Twitter or Facebook

Oh yeah... did I mention that it's free!  Click here to download for free and get started!


  1. As a teacher, I love to teach using my iPad. The app that I use is the Ghostwriter Notes app I bought at

    I observe that my students become very active in participation. So cool!

  2. Started playing with EduCreations a few days ago. Product and its web interface are compelling. I made a few videos to test and compared app features to other screen casting software - the info may be of use to others: