Sunday, November 27, 2011

Turn your Site into an App for Mobile Devices

Allow your audience to browse your site with ease: transform it into an App with Conduit!

I was super excited to find out about this service from Conduit.  I was even more surprised to find that it was absolutely free to do!  So, of course, I had to try it out with Kleinspiration.  You can click here to download, for free, this site to continue to get cool tech tools and tips along with freebies and give-aways for your classroom.  Please note that my screenshots aren't good... I was in a rush to get the process completed; so, I didn't format my images correctly.  Now, I'm wishing I would have.  I'm hearing that voice in my head "anything worth doing..."

Simply scan in the QR Code with your Smartphone or iPad to get Kleinspiration on your mobile device.  You can get a free QR Code scanner by clicking here.  Then, open up your app, take a picture of the QR Code, and you will be connected to the Kleinspiration Mobile Site on your device!

*Please click here to read my other post about using QR Codes and seeing a tutorial*

Regardless of my poor homepage screenshots, look how cool Kleinspiration looks on my iPad:

The bottom buttons allow you to read the news on Kleinspiration, my recent Facebook posts, or my personal Twitter feed.  Tech at your fingerTips - I love it!

Transforming your site into an app takes only minutes!

(below is an example I did for another site I contribute to, Teaching Blog Addict)

Step 1: click the image below and enter your site's url

Step 2:  add your pages

(I just added the Twitter page by selecting the plus sign by the Twitter icon - then entered the Twitter name I wanted below... in this case @teachingblogadd)

Step 3:  click Publish

Step 4:  enter your information

(hint: keep your new url short:  for example, instead of doing 'teachingblogaddict' I did TBA)

Step 5:  Promote your Page via your Social Networks

Step 6: OPTIONAL: Get your Apple Certificate

For $99, you can belong to the App Store.  I went ahead and did this for a year.  I am hoping the bang is worth the buck... we shall see?  My hope is that by being in the App Store, I'll get more traffic.  I will let you know how it goes.  I'd also love any feeback you can offer.  Have you tried this?  How is it going for your app?  Thanks bunches!!

Extra Extra... Get Your  QR Codes!

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  1. Awesome post! I've used this tool, too. I am doing a session on this (along with other tools) at MACUL12.

  2. Steve,

    That's awesome. You'll have to let me know your title so I can attend. I'm doing a hands on workshop at MACUL12, too!!



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