Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Massive Give-Away: iPad, iPod, $150 Amazon Gift Card... via Mastery Connect!

What we're giving away?

an iPad, iPod, $150 Amazon Gift Card, and Mastery Connect T-Shirts

What is it?

How do you enter for this give away?

3 Simple Steps:

1.  click here: Sign up for MasteryConnect (it's free!)

2.  Upload your assessments  (each one = one entry)
you can upload more than one to increase your odds

3.  Invite at least 1 teacher through the invite feature

***Winners will be announced just after New Years!***

More about this product...

- great new features -

- Assign point values to individual questions (you're no longer restricted to single points!)
- Mixed question types within an assessment
- Rubric Letter Scoring using bubblesheets (both plain paper and on iPad/iPod/browser)
- Exporting individual assessment scores to Excel (CSV)

To see how these great new features work, click the link below to login to your account and see a quick video demonstration of the new scoring features!

One of my favorite parts of Mastery Connect is always being able to have the Common Core:
- click on a strand below -


  1. I love this. Do we leave our comments here that we did all of it? Thanks so much for introducing this to me.

  2. Donna,

    For this give-away, it's actually through MasteryConnect, so they're handling it. You just have to follow the 3 steps above.

    Glad you like it - I love it, too!! :)